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  1. P4dstar

    Controller Advice

    I'm looking at upgrading my controllers to the V16 version. Can anyone tell me the difference between the charging version and the non charging version? My batteries are charged using a B2B charger connected directly to the main battery so I assume I don't need the charging version. Before...
  2. Larry joly

    Pump callibration

    Hi lads, A quick question, when calibrating your pump and controller, do you run the pump with the water flowing from your pole or with it dead ended? Im having issue with my pressure switch kicking in when i dead end the water while i work. I have to keep going back to the van to restart the...
  3. N

    How do you mount Contoller?

    Hi there i just re jigged my van and wondered how you guys found the best way to mount a Spring controller to side panel of van? Dont really want to glue it as want it to be easy to remove! Cheers
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