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Found 2 results

  1. What is the worst price job u have done? Or worse quote from a customer? Made me think other day as remembered customer asked me to quote for glass roof porch I said call it £5 she oh no thought it would be 50p!!!! I just laughed
  2. Hello WCF! Been lurking for a while but decided to sign up and get some advice on a new customer. Couple of weeks ago this woman texted looking for a quote, she got my number off of a Facebook post somewhere (have never found it). Did her windows this week along with about others in the street (did some canvassing). She had never mentioned she had a lock on the back gate and thus I couldn't get in (no one at home). So I did the front and put my card in her door, with the intention to contact her later. She calls me up and starts having a go at me for putting my card through for £7 payment when I only did the front. I explained I had already written the price on the card and put it through to let her know I had been. I also explained that I couldn't access her back garden because of the lock and I don't have ladders to jump the fence (not that I would, anyway). As she had been the reason I came into the street and picked up other work I decided to let this one slide and arranged to go back out the next day to do the backs, which she agreed to. Guess what! Here's is the text conversation with her: I left it with the last text but not sure what to do. I am torn between just doing them as I'm worried she'll badmouth me and leave a negative review online. I'm a new business and don't want that. However, I also can't be bothered being treated like junk and would rather just (politely) tell her I'm not doing them again. What do you all think, am I in the wrong here or her? Window cleaning friends of mine seem to be torn. Some agree with me, some don't. Thanks, Alexandros.

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