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Found 2 results

  1. I started my business in January, I live in a small village and there are at least 6 other Window Cleaners that cover this village, 1 lives in the village. I have 37 regular 4 weekly customers, my average is just under £10 (lots of £5 flats brought the average down). I00 is my first target but I would like 150. I was speaking to another cleaner who was working in the same cul de sac as I was, he is WFP and apparently has 300 customers. I do get some 1 offs which I don't mind and I have a couple of houses I will clean every few months, I also clean inside of windows on a few, also a few conservatory roofs, FSG cleaning. I can make more at cleaning FSG than window cleaning. How many do you have and how many would you like?
  2. Hi All, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a decent break off work? The first year in about 20 that I took the lot off & it was great (got fidgety after Boxing Day mind you...lol) Onto the topic, Has anyone had any success moving commercial customers onto GoCardless? Knowing what they're like processing I suspect I already know the answer. It'd be handy though. Just wondering the best way to approach slow payments and efforts to speed them up. Cheers.
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