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Found 1 result

  1. Skxawng

    DIY Lithium battery

    My 110ah leisure battery has died and looking at replacements. I was thinking, lithium technology is far better suited to our application than lead acid: -You can use 80% of the charge without affecting the lifespan as opposed to 50% with lead acid. -Lithium has much longer lifespan (around 3x more charge cycles) making it a better investment. -It has a much higher energy density so will take up less weight/space for the same capacity. -Charge times are much faster. -Lower self discharge. -Orientation doesn't matter. So why do we all use lead acid? I looked for an equivalent 12v 110ah battery on ebay. Same form factor as mine but lithium and 1/3 of the weight. £800!... So I thought about building one. Electric cars like Tesla and nissan leaf, laptop batteries (as well as solar power walls) use an array of 18650 Lithium cells. They look like AA batteries but a bit bigger. They typically have about 3Ah capacity and cost a few quid each. You can buy grids that they fit in, build it to your own specifications of volts and capacity by the number of cells in series and parallel then a £3 BMS board controls the charge/discharge and monitors the cells. There's plenty of vids on utube and it's easier than it sounds to build with very little electronics knowledge. I'm going to have a go building one. Just wondering if anyone else has thought about using these 18650 cells?
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