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  1. Skxawng

    DIY Lithium battery

    My 110ah leisure battery has died and looking at replacements.  I was thinking, lithium technology is far better suited to our application than lead acid:  -You can use 80% of the charge  without affecting the lifespan as opposed to 50% with lead acid. -Lithium has much longer lifespan...
  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Hot water FIT conversion

    So the van I am currently using is a cold one man system.  Two things are in my mind.  1: winter's coming 2: I have some schools over half term that are minging and hot will be a big advantage.  Now I know nothing about diesel or LPG  conversions so please don't ask. What I do know is that...
  3. Kasper Sjostrand

    My way of getting (almost) free water

    Hello, there. Here's some inspirational pics/descriptions to the wfp-people, feel free to comment, what's good n what's bad, suggestions etc. This particular page is in English WF, Water fed pole systems, rainwater tank, water harvesting, cleaning windows
  4. Gary63

    New DIY water fed pole trolley

    My second DIY trolley copied from Mark Munro.
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