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Found 2 results

  1. Fish4fun

    Rinsing fascias

    Hi guys..Ive been cleaning fascias with Wfp . anyone know where I can get a decent nozzle to put on the end of pole to rinse of the fascias ...
  2. A customer I picked up today asked wether I did a regular service for cleaning fascia boards, he's thinking every 3 months. It's a brand new house so he wants to keep them looking good. If it's done that regular though, it'll take a fraction of the time so I'm going to charge 1/4 of the price I'd usually charge. Do you think generally people would be interested in a cleaning maintaining schedule that'd keep their plastic clean all year round for the price of a yearly clean? Thinking of offering it to all my customers. Full price for first clean and then 1/4 price for 3mth maintenance cleans.
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