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  1. Paul Symonds

    RO Help - Membrane not lasting

    Hi, Sorry, I don't post much but am in need of a bit of help. I bought an second hand Xline System RO/DI last year but I seem to be going through membranes way too quick. I live in Southampton so the water quality is rubbish (reading 311 this morning) but it still doesn't seem to last as long...
  2. Skxawng

    What a difference 11psi makes!

    I've just moved house but before I moved I thought I needed new RO membranes as I was only getting 12ppm product water with 40psi tap pressure. At the new house the mains pressure is 51psi and I'm now getting 1ppm! :1f603: I knew extra pressure helped but not that much!
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