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Found 3 results

  1. Graeme Broome

    400L Upright Tank & Frame

    400L Upright Tank & Frame, Comes With Brand New Outlet Collection Redcar £200
  2. AnMadraRua

    350 litre tank and frame.

    350 litre tank and frame. Only ever had pure in it. Merseyside area. Offers.
  3. Tom - Ryedale Cleaners

    My van diy system. (RODI)

    Hi guys, I've been following this forum for last few months. Then few weeks ago I registered as we started WFP window cleaning as well. Great stuff. Thanks everyone for supporting others! The idea. Few words about ourselves. We are based in North Yorkshire. We've run, purely a cleaning business, for last - over 10 years. However properly established in 2010 as Ryedale Cleaners. We've been through some employing and basically always needed some more people but last couple of years we've been very unlucky finding someone reliable, honest and wanting to work.. So we decided to get into window cleaning more. It's something we used to do anyway but now in a little different, more modern way. Before we were unable to start as we had no 'proper location'. Got a Peugeot Partner and started planning and thinking. Decided to get a diy set from Pure Freedom. It's a basic RODI system... The main thing is - we treat this as a something additional, as a boost to our income, as a additional service we can offer. (a less time consuming). So following it - thats the reason - this project has been kept rather on a budget side. Start. First thing I've done was painting the ply panels. I wanted to get protecta kote but at the end I decided just to use Cuprinol - an outdoor waterproof paint. I've got loads of it so it came useful. The floor was going to get rubber mat on it anyway. Considering thia paint is for outside, inside is going to last well enough. Then I've put proper thick rubber matting, bought from eBay. The tank - 250l and standard Shurflo pump with their controller. The only bit we changed was the pole, we went for a Gardiner one. With two brushes, flocked and dual trim ultimate one. The main challenge was a frame. I really didn't want to spend almost £300 + VAT for just a frame. I had a plan to get one made to fit the tank in and to bolt it to the van's floor through the original fitting points. There are 6 threaded in the floor. Wanted to sit the tank in the middle so I can still use to space just behind the seats for ie. laundry baskets that we carry all the time and have the rear space for our cleaning stuff. My father in law is a welder so I had some help. We had two 50x50 angle sections, that we used for the base of the frame. And then going up we used 30x30 which costed me £20. We didn't really feel the need to wrap it totally but went like 3/4 of tank's height and put through threaded bar across to secure it and make a 'sandwich'. There are also wooden bits to screw the filters on. External ports. I drilled the holes in a floor just at the end. One was there with a seal cap on, I made it bigger and drilled additional ones next to it + another ones on the bottom. Secured the holes with proper paint so shouldn't rust. Then run the hoses through in grommets. The port ogirinally was with connectors facing other way so it would stick out too far, I didn't like it so I faced them other way. Screw the plate onto the bumber and it seems solid. I wanted the this port mainly for filling. But now I found it useful for working with as well. The only downside is you have to lift the reel up and down... The battery. I've got the leisure one that Pure Freedom provided. It sits behind drivers seat, secured with a bungee rope. The idea is to connect it to the rear 12v socket. Van's manual says its 30 amps. I bought heavy duty 12V plug and soldered the cables. I haven't connected it yet as I need to complete the set the way I want it. For the time being I just charge it with a mains smart charger. For these very few windows we do atm it's perfectly enough. So - that's it really. Few little bits to finish off. Need a shelf above the rear stuff as well to store lighter stuff, like cloths etc. But I have to work with it for a while and then exactly decide what I need and where. My worrys mainly are in regards to the system and filers itself. I'm not going to use it everyday for thousands of liters of water.. I'm not sure how often I will need to change pre-filters and the resin. But... That will be my lesson to learn I guess. Cheers guys for reading and I appreciate any comments, especially these criticizing ones. Below some photos, not proper but should do. With best wishes, Tom Before painting. Painted sides. External ports installed. How it looks with ports. The frame being painted. Front view of the system in. The room between the tank and the cabin.
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