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  1. J


    Hi, This pole I have for sale has NEVER BEEN USED.  Brand new, It’s from stream line NTECH range. Full carbon fiber.  Brought for a lost contract so now have no need for the pole.  Its a very big pole, sections could be taken out to make 45ft pole ect... this is a complete pole so includes...
  2. Skxawng

    Cox or Gardiner's rollers?

    Hi which are better? The Cox brand rollers or the Gardiner ones? They are both for sale on the Gardiner website but the Gardiner's ones are a little cheaper.
  3. AnMadraRua

    WFP and some trad equipment.

    Gardiner SLX30 with 6mm hose, section 2 replaced last year. Tucker Brush. 2 x no name brushes Wyredale 350L tank and frame, only ever had pure in it. Metal reel with about 90m of 8mm hose, a few repairs made to it as it leaks a bit. Unger Ninja bucket on a belt with 10" squeegee and mop. 2...
  4. G

    Best brush for domestic standard double glazing

    Hi Guys! Whats is your go to brush for domestic standard double glazed window with PVC trim?
  5. T

    Gardiner slx Wanted water fed pole equipment

    Hello everyone I'm looking to purchase a second hand Gardiner slx anywhere from 25-35 ft. I'm located in Hampshire and willing to collect or pay for postage. Thanks all.
  6. D

    Gardiner SLX or CLX?

    Torn between the two.  Quite a difference in price, but even on the CLX27 the weight difference isn't that great - just 130g heavier than the SLX27 (1800g as against 1670g). Any views, please?  I've already been convinced to go for better quality and upgrade to pure water!
  7. Jamie Mac

    Gardiner super lite extensions wanted

    Hi im looking for extensions for the gardiner super lite pole. i have sections 1-7 but want to extend it further.  call 07909840612 or email jamie@wessexmaintenance.co.uk if you have anything you're willing to sell for a reasonable price. 
  8. Skxawng

    Gardiner Universal brush - which bristles?

    Hi, I've just been on Gardiners with the intention of trying the universal brush with stiff bristles but it's out of stock. They have the medium soft bristles in stock though. Does anyone know which is better for general window cleaning? Is it worth waiting for the stiff bristles one to come...
  9. StorminNorman

    Advice needed. 35 foot pole: Gardiner SLX or Phoenix MKII ?

    Have a lot of 4 story apartment houses around where I live and cant see doing them with my 25 feet Renegade alu pole (which is absolutely fantastic value for money when you just start with wfp) . So decided to invest in a 35 feet pole to get more work in as it looks that nobody cleaned those...
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