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  1. Ash87

    Section 1 of my pole is too tight to fit the brush head correctly

    Does anyone else have this ? Its tight enough i dont need the clio in but its a real B ache changing brushes ?  Im not sure if its a maintance thing iv got 3 poles and 2 of them are like it they are gardiners clx btw. Cheers guys
  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review

    A quick review of Gardiners Swivel angle adaptor.
  3. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Customer service Gardiners

    There are many companies I will not deal with in this industry regardless because of the poor customer service.   On the other hand a company that is always on my call list for bits n bobs is Gardiners.  Now you may need to leave a message (a tad irritating) but the girls always get back to...
  4. Iron Giant

    Agrati Hose Reel 40% OFF @ Gardiners

    http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk are selling off these reels in the sale section, I have never used one but they look decent and easy to assemble @ £67.00 with vat not a bad buy as the petal reels sold at other places are closer to a £100 
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