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green pro clean ltd

  1. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    WFP Explainer video for customers

    This is a basic video explainer I did back in the summer to help customers perhaps understand the benefits of WFP and the differences between WFP and Trad window cleaning.   It has worked really well for me on my facebook page and if you want to share it on your pages as an explainer for your...
  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Internal Window Cleaning how to

    Just a quick how to video on how to do internal windows.  Mostly for noobs and those wanting to do the occasional interior.  Not aimed at the pros or trying to teach granny about sucking eggs. Hope you enjoy. 
  3. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Very Cool Gutter Downpipe

    Hey guys, just a very cool gutter downpipe I came across today and thought I'd share with you. 
  4. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review

    A quick review of Gardiners Swivel angle adaptor.
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