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  1. C

    Gutter vac

    Hello What’s the best gutter vac on a £700/800 budget need to get a camera with it aswell ? Anyone got any for sale around London.
  2. T

    Grippavac Poles V3 or V4, What’s the difference?

    I’m going to buy a new Gutter Vac. Was going to go for the Grippavac 40ltr as opposed to the 80ltr for ease of movement. But I don’t know what poles to get. The V3 Gutter Lite or the V4 100% Carbon. Any reason why the V4 are more expensive than the V3, apart from the fact they are Carbon. Are...
  3. sohail codeage

    Gutter Cleaning Jims Mowing

    This is Sohail, I am working with Jims Mowing Eastern Suburbs Company which has a number of franchises in Australia, I joined this forum to share and learn useful things related to my profession and work. I love to do work with Jims, We are really specialized in providing a complete package of...
  4. Pegasus

    Gutter Vacuum Attachment Issue?

    Hi, purchased a gutter vac a couple of years back. Somehow I 've mislaid the end attachment and need a replacement. WCW passed me to Guttersucker Ltd who sent me an attachment that is too small. See attached a pic.  The blue one they sent is too narrow. The one on the left is now all I have...
  5. Barry Williamson

    FSG newbie Pricing help - North West

    Hi guys, looking for a bit of help quoting this job.  Never done FSG before and have had a look at some of the the forum topics, but welcome any suggestions.  Am in the NW. Customer is replacing all the soffits/windows etc in the future so this is purely a tidy up rather than a restore.  I plan...
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