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hard water

  1. E

    Hard water stains and paint removal

    Hello, anyone got any tips on removing hard water stains? And paint, I guess for paint you'd use a scraper, magic sponge or bronze wool)? As for hard water stains I have noooo idea.  Would this be something you would look to remove during a first clean? Or give the customer an option and ask if...
  2. Neilmnwc

    Water ppm I Can Only Dream of...

    Just got back from a week in the Lake District and had some water left in the bottle so decided to check the ppm, 47ppm straight out the tap! Back to using my 368 out the tap... Hey ho. As far as Window cleaning goes I couldn't imagine there would be much WFP work due to the amount of holiday...
  3. R

    Ro/di units

    Hi all, I've been traditional cleaning for about a year now and recently I've been looking at building my own wfp trolley, seen some good tutorials on here. My question is to do with the Ro and Di units, I understand how they work and what they are for but I'm having some confusion with where I...
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