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have you seen?

  1. Gavin

    Our Resource Section!

    So today i have added our new resource section. What i am hoping is this section will slowly become a great resource for all members, new and old. Imagine not only being able to get your questions answered in the forum but also have a section where you can download templates of all kinds. Free...
  2. Gavin

    Our new live chat!

    So today for our "Have you seen" i am looking at our new live chat for all members! Dive in and take a look. [/media]
  3. Gavin

    Our help section of the site.

    I thought it might be useful to highlight this section of the site. It not only shows our rules and terms but also shows some useful info around bbcodes and smilies used on the site. I know the smilies section Smilies | Window Cleaning Forums | Water fed pole and Traditional will be especially...
  4. Gavin

    Tapatalk app. Go get it!

    So as mentioned in another post I am going to be dropping support of our branded app. Don't panic though. You can still use Tapatalk own app which has actually gotten a lot better in recent updates. Here is a quick video to explain the basics. [/media]So if you dont want to lose out on...
  5. Gavin

    Our media section.

    Now that i can happily say all issues and problems with the site have been fixed and the style is sorted i thought each month i would do a have you seen posts to highlight some of the great features and functions of the site that some may or may not know about. This month its the media section...
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