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  1. Amazin

    Van insurance refuse to insure me and return my money

    This probably never happened to any of you but my van insurance just refused to insure me and refuse to give back the money (£1867). I got it through A-plan and the insurance company was called ERS insurance. I paid for it on the 15th May and received the bad news yesterday. The reason is...
  2. StorminNorman

    Van insurance ripoff in Ireland (ROI)

    So I just found a van that would perfectly suit my needs at the moment. Tiny little 2008 Renault Kangoo - green and absolutely spotless! Love it, but insurance companies dont.. They ask me for a whopping 1200€ a year to get it insured. I have 6+years of no claims bonus and never lost a point...
  3. Martin Holden

    Specialist Liability Insurance for Window Cleaners

    We have created this thread as a sponsored post, so please be assured this is not spam. Our short video explains exactly what we do and what we can offer - it also highlights why we are different and that we offer cover for "damage to property worked upon" which for window cleaners means damage...
  4. Martin Holden

    Good afternoon all ...

    Hi there, my name is Martin and I am one of the owners and a Director of Gleaming Insurance, but I am not here to post adverts or to canvas business. Of course I am happy to talk about what we can offer, but I have joined the forum to try and offer some advice whenever the topic of liability...
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