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  1. Teddington Window Cleaners

    No Van - No Problem

    With no van and being limited to walking distance with my ladder its only a matter of time before my herniated disk  finally cave's in, thats if I don't fall off the ladder first. so, I made some adjustments to my Bicycle.  By strapping a spare bicycle handle bar to my pannier rack it gave...
  2. C

    Ladder Spikes Help

    HELP!! Im looking for some solid ladder spikes but can't seem to find any. 
  3. Daniel Mc

    Ergo Rack Twin for sale

    Hi all! Have an Ergorack twin off of a Vauxhall Vivaro (ex BG van)  Now have a Ford Transit Custom with a different roof rack. Offers. Collection only. OX17
  4. G

    Extension Ladder pulleys?

    Hi Guys im wondering if a pulley system can be used with any extension ladder. I have a 3 part ladder from b&q, not the best but does the job. Can a pulley be used to fully extend? Thanks
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