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  1. BubbleGuy

    Wet vs. Dry (For The Love of Liquidator series)

  2. BubbleGuy

    Liquidator 1 - Cutting In

  3. Chimeara

    4th Day using Liquidator

    Well 4 days in and i have to admit to a complete turnaround, I am starting to really like the liquidator. Tbh by day 2 i was starting to get more comfortable with it. Day 3 had to turn the rubber round. but it worked pretty well straight off. End of day 4 still on the same rubber. So thanks to...
  4. Chimeara

    1st Day using Liquidator

    Hmmm well i have worked all day cleaning approx 40 semi's Using Moerman liquidator with Razr red facelift rubber. One min it seems great then for no apparent reason it leaves fine lines on the glass. If i use the rubber in a standard unger channel the are no problems at all. I have been using...
  5. Jonathan Bengtsson

    Liquidator+Facelift Red Rubber

    Hey guys! New on this forum. Me and my colleagues have problems with the Liquidator + Facelifts Red Rubber. We get fine drag lines after the squeegee. Especially in the middle of the squeegee and 2 cm from the edges. We have tried different ways of cutting but nothing helps. But I've...
  6. P

    Latest Liquidator Clips 2.0 out soon

    Latest clip Here is the regular liquidator clip at the top and latest below which ive used for several months, you can see both show signs of wear. Latest clip is longer and will fix to the new channels more securely. moerman have refined the Liquidator clips making them thinner at the tip...
  7. Craig Carr

    Struggling with liquidator wagtail combo

    I purchased a wagtail and fitted it with a liquidator 14 inch channel and razr rubber I also have a standard hamdle with a 10 inch liquidator channel with the black rubber it came with. When using the wagtail combo, i just cant get it to work. Constantly leaving streaks or water in the middle...
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