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new business

  1. Gavin

    How to start a window cleaning business

    How to start a window cleaning business Have you ever thought of starting a window cleaning business and have been wondering just what it would take to get into the window cleaning industry? Here’s our guide on how to start your cleaning business. WELL, WINDOW CLEANING IS NOT ALL ABOUT STEP...
  2. Teddington Window Cleaners

    Introduction - New Business

    Hi Everyone,  My name is Nils and I am 38 years old.  I am starting a new business in my town as I have lived at my house for 2 years and never seen a window cleaner.  Many years ago I worked for a guy in Barnsley called John Smith, he is a wonderful man and I have many fond memories of...
  3. W

    Taken the plunge - Starting in the new year!

    I've done it! I've taken the plunge! I've prepared lots ready for my launch in the new year: - Flyers & Business Cards (with quote space on the back) - Kit (Mostly Moerman) - 3 section trade ladder (6.85m) - Bicycle trailer which I will be customising to carry my kit - Insurance - Website...
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