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  1. S

    Working a 5 Week cycle

    Hi everyone Im new to the forum and haven't posted yet but have put quite a few hours of reading in ! So far im definitely interested in becoming a window cleaner, ive got tons of questions obviously but the main issue I have is that I will be looking to only clean part time and due to my...
  2. C

    Questions from a Potential Cleaner

    Hi all, I am a university student in my second year, and have been offered a fairly good placement (60 hours a week) and the chance to return after completing university. However, I dislike working for other people and would much rather create something for myself and window cleaning had peaked...
  3. ClearReflectionAlex

    A bit of hose reel advice

    Hi guys. New here. I have a WFP system with Gardiner pole. Tank, pump, resin in the van etc. My question is what hose you guys run on your reels? My pole is light but my hose is heavy, i want the lightest hose I can get but is still durable eg dragging around and getting run over by cars when...
  4. OnlyMe

    A new adventure, a New beginning, A New start

    Hi Everyone ?? I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I’ve got a huge interest in window cleaning but haven’t had the b#### to go ahead YET! ?? great forum!! Im sick and tired of my job (long hours, **** pay etc) I really would like to work for myself and start up a successful...
  5. C

    Starting up using WFP

    Hi all I am looking to add on a window cleaning service as an addition to our current domestic and commercial cleaning business.  A few of our customers have asked for the service, which me being naive thought the usual cliche of "window cleaning would not be worth the hassle VS the return on...
  6. R

    Hello - I am new to forum

    Hello All, New here so I thought I would say Hi ! Rachel
  7. W

    Taken the plunge - Starting in the new year!

    I've done it! I've taken the plunge! I've prepared lots ready for my launch in the new year: - Flyers & Business Cards (with quote space on the back) - Kit (Mostly Moerman) - 3 section trade ladder (6.85m) - Bicycle trailer which I will be customising to carry my kit - Insurance - Website...

    Motivation: If I can, so can YOU

    Hey Guys, FINEST cleaning here. I'm cleaning windows for almost a month now. Started with: cheap £7 window cleaning set from Amazon. 5m Harris pole. 10 blue microfiber cloths Water bucket and side bucket Fairy, vinegar and HG liquid Around £50 investment. It took me One week to prepare...

    Semi detached - terraced info.

    Hey guys, I just started cleaning a month ago. I use Harris 5m pole to do Top and normal trad. For bottom. I'm new and it takes me from 30-60 min to do the front and same for the back. Pole really slows me down... Yet I'm getting better equipment and my speed and skills improve. Yeah! I love...
  10. FINEST

    Allow me to Introduce Myself

    What's up everybody! My name is Oskars and my Company's name is Finest Window Cleaning. It's great to have all you here. I really appreciate the time and effort each member takes to help each other. The force is strong in this community. My story. I'm a European, I hitchiked from Spain to UK...
  11. Kasper Sjostrand

    New here..

    Hello everybody, i'm new here, on request by the website i write this. I have been cleaning Windows in 15 years now but have got WFP system some two months ago. I'm from Denmark. Thats it.
  12. russ1979

    hi there everyone

    just wanted to introduce myself my name is Russell and have done a lot of reading on the forum but still got a lot of questions I am from Lancashire Lancaster area new to window cleaning got lots to ask and learn am rubbish on computers so you will have to put up with me
  13. L

    Fresh cleans. Can't stop spotting please help

    Hi all I've just bought a reach and wash business and I've been doing it for around 2 months now. I'm 21 and just starting out so I'm apreciative of all advice. Basically I have had no problems with my existing customers as they have been cleaned by reach and wash for 6 years. I've picked up...
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