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Found 13 results

  1. swimmingpaul

    Working a 5 Week cycle

    Hi everyone Im new to the forum and haven't posted yet but have put quite a few hours of reading in ! So far im definitely interested in becoming a window cleaner, ive got tons of questions obviously but the main issue I have is that I will be looking to only clean part time and due to my current work I will have to do this on a 5 week cycle, I see that most of you do 4,6 or 8 weeks. Just wanted to get a consensus of opinion on this, I guess its down to the customer being happy with it at the end of the day. Any thoughts would be happily received. Cheers Paul
  2. Hi all, I am a university student in my second year, and have been offered a fairly good placement (60 hours a week) and the chance to return after completing university. However, I dislike working for other people and would much rather create something for myself and window cleaning had peaked my interest. I live in an area with a high amount of wealthy elderly people and not too much competition and I’m confident I could build a strong company (I’m motivated to put in the hours if it’s my own company). I just had a few questions if you guys could help answer any of them: 1. Is a van setup needed straight away - and what is included in this setup and rough costings 2. Is there any difficult trying to sign elderly up to direct debit payments (struggle/ mistrust of technology) 3.what pricing strategy would you suggest using - how much is a realistic amount to earn a week once fully set up 4. How long does it take to learn the basics 5. In terms of weather, what do you do in the event the weather is too bad to clean in terms of scheduling 6. How do you schedule / plan your route and customers timetable 7. How many cleans would you aim for in a day I am confident and get on well with people and am not afraid to drum up business I feel I would be well suited to this profession and giving it a shot. Aside from the question answers would love any other tips as well, thank you!
  3. ClearReflectionAlex

    A bit of hose reel advice

    Hi guys. New here. I have a WFP system with Gardiner pole. Tank, pump, resin in the van etc. My question is what hose you guys run on your reels? My pole is light but my hose is heavy, i want the lightest hose I can get but is still durable eg dragging around and getting run over by cars when its across the street. Seen some 6mm code red microbore? Yey or nay? Also will having a thinner hose affect pressure? Im guessing not. Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I’ve got a huge interest in window cleaning but haven’t had the b#### to go ahead YET! great forum!! Im sick and tired of my job (long hours, **** pay etc) I really would like to work for myself and start up a successful window cleaning company. I’m 35 years old and I want another Crack at the whip, currently my salary is 27k. It sounds like a very rewarding business, and love the fact that nearly everyone on this site as a passion for their business. Obviously you get your chancers in the game, but I would like to go with the professional approach what I have been reading on here, ie) logo, business cards, leaflets, uniform, sign writing van, marketing campaigns etc (sounds like I am being ambitious, but to work for yourself and earn proper money, you have to I guess) There is so much valuable information on here and it’s like a back bone for the professionals. Ideally I would like to get into the WFP side of things. As I think me and the ladders just won’t get on, and by the sounds of it, it’s the future for the window cleaning industry? I have bought some trad gear already, ie) bucket, 12” squeege , applicator, micros, clothes, & scraper. I have been practising on my windows and watching you tube videos. (Wagga) - I take it this is a good learning curve Would anyone be able to help me out with a few of these questions? WFP - to start, would you recommend a trolley (pure freedom) or a back pack? How many houses would 25l containers do? Roughly Can I purchase the water rather than making this -seems complicated? (Will have to read up on this a bit more) When canvassing for work, and you get the nod to clean their windows, when would you do their first clean? That day/next day? How do you manage the round? With new customers etc. Because obviously starting out around my full time job ideally you would want to do the new customers the same day? Company name? Thoughts. something that’s quirky, or stick to something like JB WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES? what works best? Don’t want to run before I can walk, and jump in the deep end - but a van? It will be quite daunting competing with other window cleaners in the local area and I’m a newbie. Would that put new potential customers off? Should I buy second hand WFP gear to start (budget wise) or go straight in. What kind of budget would you say for leaflets, website, business cards, WFP etc. Currently got 1k left over from a loan as a starting point. I’ve got 100s of questions and I’m sure il bombard you with them and go through the forum looking for answers. Ps. Hopefully you don’t bombard me with “another new window, here we go” Thanks all. Why as this come out so big? @Gav
  5. Hi all I am looking to add on a window cleaning service as an addition to our current domestic and commercial cleaning business. A few of our customers have asked for the service, which me being naive thought the usual cliche of "window cleaning would not be worth the hassle VS the return on investment". Well all i can say after spending the weekend on and off this forum is how wrong could i be. We would be looking to initially add WFP using the gardiner backpack and poles with the aim of providing our customers with the add on during their cleaning service, eventually (HOPEFULLY) building up rounds and having the window cleaning as a sort of separate entity with a full van setup. A reason for me posting (before we setup) is the "this is my patch" and pro green i have seen you video on the matter (among alot of your other videos *great work*) and you say it does not exist anymore. Well our business is based in south wales, SWANSEA, and having spoke to friends and family about the idea the first thing that comes up is "So So has a patch around here and he does not mess about" Now i know the advise would be patches do not exist any more and any problems let the old bill know, but i would be interested to see if there are any members from Swansea on this forum that could advise on * do they find there is enough work, in and around Swansea to even consider the long term goal of getting a van setup or am i just better off sticking with the initial idea of servicing our current domestic and commercial cleaning customers. * have they run into the "my patch" on their rounds. I will add that our main goal for the business is to be a one stop shop for customers who want all aspects of their property cleaned, But the i do like the idea of eventually having the window cleaning as a separate entity. Any advise would be much appreciated Regards Craig
  6. I've done it! I've taken the plunge! I've prepared lots ready for my launch in the new year: - Flyers & Business Cards (with quote space on the back) - Kit (Mostly Moerman) - 3 section trade ladder (6.85m) - Bicycle trailer which I will be customising to carry my kit - Insurance - Website - Business email - 0800 number to attract custys - Business mobile (£6 from Tesco) - Created a MoreApp new customer signup form - Quote calculator sorted - Set up my business bank account, GoCardless & TextLocal Kit List: 2x Moerman Excelerator - 10" & 14" 2x Moerman t-bar - 10" & 14" 3x t-bar sleeves - 2x 10" 1x 14" 1x Belt 1x Moerman bucket on a belt 2x Pouches 1x Bucket 2x 10L water containers 1x Scraper Microfibre cloths Fairy Platinum liquid Anything I've forgotten? Really looking forwards to starting up in the new year! I'll post some pictures of my bicycle trailer soon once it's done. James Window Gleam A6 Flyer.pdf Business Card - James Savory (1).pdf
  7. Hello All, New here so I thought I would say Hi ! Rachel
  8. Hey Guys, FINEST cleaning here. I'm cleaning windows for almost a month now. Started with: cheap £7 window cleaning set from Amazon. 5m Harris pole. 10 blue microfiber cloths Water bucket and side bucket Fairy, vinegar and HG liquid Around £50 investment. It took me One week to prepare myself mentally And one week to order the equip. Then at noon I went out and knocked on doors cleaning windows. First day 32£ in 4hours Second day £84 in 7hours I've never cleaned Windows before and didnt practice at home. I just went out and did it. I was charging from 3£ to 15£ for the front. I only did domestic houses. Time improving I got business cards, and better equipment. I'm now looking to buy leaflets and work Attire to present myself in affluent areas where I can get more money. You have no excuses not to start and not to make money and grow. Every one can do this with no experience. Least I earn when going out is £10 an hour.. Knowing I'm a blood immigrant they just worked for McDonalds.
  9. Hey guys, I just started cleaning a month ago. I use Harris 5m pole to do Top and normal trad. For bottom. I'm new and it takes me from 30-60 min to do the front and same for the back. Pole really slows me down... Yet I'm getting better equipment and my speed and skills improve. Yeah! I love cleaning and it's so fun to squeegee the water off and see how happy the customer is... Since I walk around my arena and mostly get business knocking doors, a ladder would slow me down. To improve my services and increase skills I'm looking to pour my earnings into backpack wfp and filter. Which one would you recommend ? I don't have a car and will be pushing around trolley and carrying the water. To make most of it. I go in with 20-15 £ for doing the front and and never go lower than £10 front or £20 for front and back. 30£ for both sides is that ok? How Fast it take you Guys to clean? How much do you charge? Where do you get flyer ideas? Do you do like 40£ one deals on flyers? Do you charge more in affluent areas ? I'm making money every day and getting repeat businesses. I just need a mentoring please.
  10. What's up everybody! My name is Oskars and my Company's name is Finest Window Cleaning. It's great to have all you here. I really appreciate the time and effort each member takes to help each other. The force is strong in this community. My story. I'm a European, I hitchiked from Spain to UK one year ago. I was homeless and without job. I've worked at McDonald's taking shit and earning 6£ an hour. Just to get by. I believe that if you just get off your butt and take action results will come regardless. It took me months after stalling and fear to become an entrepreneur. I just started cleaning windows one month ago. Best decision of my life. I bought a simple squeegee, applicator and Harris extension pole, because why need ladders.. And went out knocking doors(which I still do) to do the finest service I can. Lo and behold I'm making money and looking to buy a wfp backpack. I inspire boys and men take action and control over their lives and by posting my success 3 lads picked up buckets and went out cleaning windows. I believe that all of us here are mentally strong to succeed and window cleaning business is the way. Thank you for the attention. Bless
  11. Kasper Sjostrand

    New here..

    Hello everybody, i'm new here, on request by the website i write this. I have been cleaning Windows in 15 years now but have got WFP system some two months ago. I'm from Denmark. Thats it.
  12. russ1979

    hi there everyone

    just wanted to introduce myself my name is Russell and have done a lot of reading on the forum but still got a lot of questions I am from Lancashire Lancaster area new to window cleaning got lots to ask and learn am rubbish on computers so you will have to put up with me
  13. Hi all I've just bought a reach and wash business and I've been doing it for around 2 months now. I'm 21 and just starting out so I'm apreciative of all advice. Basically I have had no problems with my existing customers as they have been cleaned by reach and wash for 6 years. I've picked up some new work and every new clean I do I get complaints regarding spotting on the windows. I'm running out of ideas as I scrub well and rinse thoroughly. I have a vikan pole and fat boy backpack my water is at 0.01 ppm.
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