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Found 3 results

  1. swimmingpaul

    Working a 5 Week cycle

    Hi everyone Im new to the forum and haven't posted yet but have put quite a few hours of reading in ! So far im definitely interested in becoming a window cleaner, ive got tons of questions obviously but the main issue I have is that I will be looking to only clean part time and due to my current work I will have to do this on a 5 week cycle, I see that most of you do 4,6 or 8 weeks. Just wanted to get a consensus of opinion on this, I guess its down to the customer being happy with it at the end of the day. Any thoughts would be happily received. Cheers Paul
  2. Hi all, I am a university student in my second year, and have been offered a fairly good placement (60 hours a week) and the chance to return after completing university. However, I dislike working for other people and would much rather create something for myself and window cleaning had peaked my interest. I live in an area with a high amount of wealthy elderly people and not too much competition and I’m confident I could build a strong company (I’m motivated to put in the hours if it’s my own company). I just had a few questions if you guys could help answer any of them: 1. Is a van setup needed straight away - and what is included in this setup and rough costings 2. Is there any difficult trying to sign elderly up to direct debit payments (struggle/ mistrust of technology) 3.what pricing strategy would you suggest using - how much is a realistic amount to earn a week once fully set up 4. How long does it take to learn the basics 5. In terms of weather, what do you do in the event the weather is too bad to clean in terms of scheduling 6. How do you schedule / plan your route and customers timetable 7. How many cleans would you aim for in a day I am confident and get on well with people and am not afraid to drum up business I feel I would be well suited to this profession and giving it a shot. Aside from the question answers would love any other tips as well, thank you!
  3. ClearReflectionAlex

    A bit of hose reel advice

    Hi guys. New here. I have a WFP system with Gardiner pole. Tank, pump, resin in the van etc. My question is what hose you guys run on your reels? My pole is light but my hose is heavy, i want the lightest hose I can get but is still durable eg dragging around and getting run over by cars when its across the street. Seen some 6mm code red microbore? Yey or nay? Also will having a thinner hose affect pressure? Im guessing not. Thanks
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