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  1. S

    Buy a split charge relay in the midlands/shrops??

    Hello all. Can anyone point me in the direction of anywhere that sells split charge relays in the Midlands or Shropshire area?? Need one asap. Thanks in advance. 
  2. R

    well, I didn't buy an Xline.....

    Hi All, After getting advice and confirmation from you guys in the replies to my introduction email, I went ahead today and ordered myself an SLX 25 and a V3 backpack to stop all the running hoses through the customers houses etc. Will let you know how I get on.  Can anyone point me in the...
  3. T

    Gardiner slx Wanted water fed pole equipment

    Hello everyone I'm looking to purchase a second hand Gardiner slx anywhere from 25-35 ft. I'm located in Hampshire and willing to collect or pay for postage. Thanks all.
  4. Ash87

    Section 1 of my pole is too tight to fit the brush head correctly

    Does anyone else have this ? Its tight enough i dont need the clio in but its a real B ache changing brushes ?  Im not sure if its a maintance thing iv got 3 poles and 2 of them are like it they are gardiners clx btw. Cheers guys
  5. Jamie Mac

    Gardiner super lite extensions wanted

    Hi im looking for extensions for the gardiner super lite pole. i have sections 1-7 but want to extend it further.  call 07909840612 or email jamie@wessexmaintenance.co.uk if you have anything you're willing to sell for a reasonable price. 
  6. J

    Scraper for gardiner pole?

    Hey guys, so ive just bought a "Super-Scraper" from gardiner, the type 1 for plastic goosenecks, I noticed it doesn't work well getting things like paint specks and really anything worse than bird ****, has anyone used the type 2 for carbon/aluminium goosenecks and is that good for getting paint...
  7. Ralf

    Traditional Extension Pole

    Hi guys new to this window cleaning business and doing it traditional. Looking for an extension pole, all my equipment is unger and there poles seem fairly pricey compared to other poles such as harris but just wondering whats best value and will my equipment be compatible with one of these? Cheers

    No Ladder, Harris Pole clean & quote

    How much would you charge for this ? I cleaned it today for £12 front only. Took me 45 minutes without ladder = happy customer and repeat booking
  9. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Upgrading my crappy pole..

    Want a composite/hybrid pole to replace my Unger Nlite Aluminium thing... Seems to be a toss up between the two of these: New Water Genie Barracuda 22ft Hybrid Pole PhoeniX MkII 'PRO' Hybrid Anybody got these, or have conveniently tried out both? Price wise they're quite similar for 22ft...
  10. Guido Possum

    The Ettore pole.

    Almost as pleasurable to use as my favorite one. ...almost.
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