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  1. Larry joly

    Ro membrane change

    Hi lads Im desperate for any help with changing my ro membrane over. Everything went fine,more or less,until i tried to place the end cap back on with the new membrane inside.  The video i watched was good and at the end said use a club hammer to get the cap back on tightly. I hammered the cap...
  2. Anyclean

    Strange brown stains on UPVC frames uncovered by cleaning

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great day. It's my first post here (definitely not the last), and I'm kindly asking of your thoughts about an issue we had.  We recently cleaned a client's UPVC windows internally as part of a deep clean job. The window sills and frames were very dirty...
  3. Skxawng

    New Resin not Working

    After the tap water tds has shot up and pressure has dropped I'm no longer getting 0ppm like I used to so for a short term fix I bought some resin and cleaned out my old resin chamber that hasn't been used for the past 7+ years.  Last night I was getting 3ppm after the resin and I assumed it...
  4. H

    Pump not drawing water

    Could really do with some help please - I have a Shurflo 8000-946-138 connected to a tank in my van and a Varistream controller. Installed it last week and today it suddenly stopped working. Thought it may have been an air lock but checked all my connections and the water is flowing up to the...
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