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Found 6 results

  1. Could really do with some help please - I have a Shurflo 8000-946-138 connected to a tank in my van and a Varistream controller. Installed it last week and today it suddenly stopped working. Thought it may have been an air lock but checked all my connections and the water is flowing up to the pump but isn't being pulled through. Pump is going and Varistream shows power is ok but it simply isn't flowing - any help or suggestions please?
  2. Hey guys this is my first post, been lurking around for a year and found some good information that's helped me so thanks to the community, I wouldn't be where I am without you. I've took some readings of water pressure from my wfp system and wanted to know what membrane and booster pump I should purchase that fits my needs. I'm not sure my current setup is efficient as I bought the system from my brother without doing any research. The system was professionally installed by window cleaning warehouse (phoenix system). I want to make sure it's right as I realize having the wrong membrane or low water pressure is sub optimal in the long run and also these membranes aren't cheap! My brother with the same system is replacing his every 6 months so obviously isn't right. My questions are: What membrane would you recommend I buy? What booster pump should I buy? Outside tap pressure: 45 PSI (3.1 BAR) Outside tap water flow rate: 25L per minute (1500LPH) So from what I've read most people have a HF4 or HF5 4040 membrane which is what I have now, which requires 80-100PSI to run efficiently so I know now I should use a booster pump to raise my water pressure. I don't know though which one is suitable for my water pressure and flow rate of my outside tap to pump enough water to feed the membrane. I have 2 pre filters before the membrane (sediment and carbon filter) Water pressure after pre filters before membrane input: 30PSI (2BAR) I would like to continue to fill my 500L tank up in 4-5 hours like I do already with my setup. Thanks for reading, can't wait to get some help been sat here for hours researching!
  3. Hi Guys I would really appreciate your help on pumps. Where I'm At Started window cleaning in October. Not new to window cleaning but new to Pure Water Cleaning. I am filtering my own water now and using a backpack. Working from a Nissan Micra but moving to small van later in the year. Presently taking 200 litres of water in my car in 25 litre tanks. About to install a 200 litre baffled tank in my Micra and a 1000 litre IBC Tank in the shed. I need to buy 2 or 3 pumps and need your advice on which to buy, where to buy and how much you think is the right price to pay. Pump #1 My house water pressure is not that great so I'm wondering whether to add a booster pump to fill the IBC tank via the RO setup. That said; I may be waisting my time as it will fill up throughout the day and it will have a float valve shut-off. But if anyone thinks there is merit in doing this I would appreciate your thoughts. Pump #2 To transfer from the IBC tank located in the back garden shed through the garage and out to my car/van. I want to use a triggered nozzle so it needs to be a pump that won't overload when turned on at a switch but the delivery handle trigger is not depressed. Don't know if that type of feature has a special name? Pump #3 To transfer water from the car/van through a hose reel to my pole. I will have it work from a 12V leisure battery. Your thoughts please? Many thanks Steve
  4. Hello to all, I'm having issues with my VariStream Digital VSD6 controller and Shurflo pump (8000-946-138) When I stop using the pole and shut off the valve, the pump stops when pressure is reached (flashing P) Great. But it then turns on again for a few seconds, flashes P then turns off, repeating this process over and over again even though I am not using the pole. There are no leaks, I've calibrated, but no fix and the pole line is swelling up etc. I gave a neighbour a cold surprise when I went to resume cleaning Mrs Adams windows after a 10minute chat Just wondering if anyone can help? Maybe the pressure switch is bust?
  5. Hello there, I wonder if anyone can help? I have been using a 300GPD Sureflow filterplus (pumped) RO system for the past 5 years when I started my business. However I went to fill up my tank today and the RO unit isn't even coming on, not even making a noise. . Have checked the fuse in the mains and that's fine - so do I just assume that the Pump has died ? Or could it be something else? Has anyone had similar problems? Thanks, P
  6. Hi, I'm currently using a 110ah lead acid wet cell leisure battery, but I'm finding I can get about a day at a push before the water pressure drops and eventually stops. I've had the battery checked (it was bought in Jan 16) a couple of months ago which was fine, I've changed to Manual pump controller to try and rectify to no avail. The pump is a Shurflo 100psi & is nearly three years old. Does this sound like battery or pump fault? I'm stuck.

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