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  1. B

    Varistream cutting out and its not the battery?

    Hey,  so i have come on to this forum and found very helpful answers in the past but thought it was time i actually join properly all the more so as i have a question that i need a bit of expertise in solving. so my varistream controller kept cutting out and i just thought it was my battery as...
  2. Larry joly

    Pump callibration

    Hi lads, A quick question, when calibrating your pump and controller, do you run the pump with the water flowing from your pole or with it dead ended? Im having issue with my pressure switch kicking in when i dead end the water while i work. I have to keep going back to the van to restart the...
  3. HazelwoodWindowCleaning

    What Membrane and booster pump is recommended?

    Hey guys this is my first post, been lurking around for a year and found some good information that's helped me so thanks to the community, I wouldn't be where I am without you.  I've took some readings of water pressure from my wfp system and wanted to know what membrane and booster pump I...
  4. Steve Barker

    Help with which Pumps for the job please?

    Hi Guys I would really appreciate your help on pumps. Where I'm At Started window cleaning in October. Not new to window cleaning but new to Pure Water Cleaning. I am filtering my own water now and using a backpack. Working from a Nissan Micra but moving to small van later in the year...
  5. I

    VariStream VSD6 pump turning off and on repeatedly

    Hello to all, I'm having issues with my VariStream Digital VSD6 controller and Shurflo pump (8000-946-138) When I stop using the pole and shut off the valve, the pump stops when pressure is reached (flashing P) Great. But it then turns on again for a few seconds, flashes P then turns off...
  6. H

    Pump not drawing water

    Could really do with some help please - I have a Shurflo 8000-946-138 connected to a tank in my van and a Varistream controller. Installed it last week and today it suddenly stopped working. Thought it may have been an air lock but checked all my connections and the water is flowing up to the...
  7. P

    RO System Stopped Working

    Hello there, I wonder if anyone can help? I have been using a 300GPD Sureflow filterplus (pumped) RO system for the past 5 years when I started my business. However I went to fill up my tank today and the RO unit isn't even coming on, not even making a noise. . Have checked the fuse in the...
  8. Neilmnwc

    Pump or battery problem?

    Hi, I'm currently using a 110ah lead acid wet cell leisure battery, but I'm finding I can get about a day at a push before the water pressure drops and eventually stops. I've had the battery checked (it was bought in Jan 16) a couple of months ago which was fine, I've changed to Manual pump...
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