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  1. Barry Williamson

    FSG newbie Pricing help - North West

    Hi guys, looking for a bit of help quoting this job.  Never done FSG before and have had a look at some of the the forum topics, but welcome any suggestions.  Am in the NW. Customer is replacing all the soffits/windows etc in the future so this is purely a tidy up rather than a restore.  I plan...
  2. Nigel Wren

    Have I priced this one right???

    Got a phone call this morning, can I give a quote on windows, jet washing etc. popped round at 2.00 and this is the house. Property history - 3 Park Avenue, Farnborough, Orpington BR6 8LJ - Marketed for rent on 15th Jan 2015 - Zoopla the owner wants: 1) soft wash of roof (and there's a lot...
  3. Brandon

    Pricing Sheet

    Needed a way of pricing up jobs properly, wanted to look pro while doing it so came up with this. shows the customers what goes into pricing the job instead of the old scratch the beard and pluck a figure malarkey!! anything you would add/remove/change? Pricing Sheet Template.zip
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