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Found 3 results

  1. Just found this on YouTube, quite helpful to be honest. Changing resin with tights. No typo here, it's true.
  2. Kass' Grandad

    Uses for spent resin?

    It's just a question I've had for some time. Is there anything you can use spent resin for, rather than just throw in the bin.. DIY projects etc? Just bought some sand for my brick pavers and wondered if resin could be used for something else too
  3. After the tap water tds has shot up and pressure has dropped I'm no longer getting 0ppm like I used to so for a short term fix I bought some resin and cleaned out my old resin chamber that hasn't been used for the past 7+ years. Last night I was getting 3ppm after the resin and I assumed it would settle to 0 pretty fast. (The input from RO is 14ppm) This morning I'm still getting 3ppm!? It's ok to work with but it doesn't make sense. Shouldn't resin take it down to zero and then slowly climb after the resin starts to get used up? Any ideas what is wrong? Thanks
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