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  1. S

    Great tip for changing resin...

    Just found this on YouTube, quite helpful to be honest. Changing resin with tights. No typo here, it's true.
  2. K

    Uses for spent resin?

    It's just a question I've had for some time.  Is there anything you can use spent resin for, rather than just throw in the bin..   DIY projects etc?  Just bought some sand for my brick pavers and wondered if resin could be used for something else too
  3. Skxawng

    New Resin not Working

    After the tap water tds has shot up and pressure has dropped I'm no longer getting 0ppm like I used to so for a short term fix I bought some resin and cleaned out my old resin chamber that hasn't been used for the past 7+ years.  Last night I was getting 3ppm after the resin and I assumed it...
  4. J

    auto shut off for DI vessel

    Hi everyone, I filter my water just using a DI vessel as the tds reading where I live is low enough. I would like to install an auto shut off on my tank in the van. I've seen allot that are designed for RO filters, just wondering if there is anything for just DI vessels. I thought about using a...
  5. Marko067

    Resin Shelf Life

    How long can you store resin? I normally buy small amounts (5ltr tubs) as I don't use a lot but due the the current shortage it only seems to be available in 25ltr bags.
  6. P4dstar

    Saving Resin

    I'm looking for ways to save resin. The other day in the space of about 600 litres my PPM reading went from 004 to 065 and I didn't realise until the next day  :1f632: I have just bought a second canister and I will be keeping a closer eye on my PPM. Once I reach 006 I plan to run the resin...
  7. T

    TDS Advice. DI Filter not producing pure

    Hello my water is entering my tank in my van at a tds of 28. I then use a di filter on board to produce pure on demand however the tds is ready 3-4? And advice on this? Thanks.
  8. Lukas87

    Moody bit of gear?

     Any more news on the moody looking tulsion? Ordered a small bag and says it's genuine but Gardiner website says there is not any genuine stuff in the UK ATM? 
  9. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Upgrading my domestic kit

    Hi guys - I'm new here I've been a traditional window cleaner since 2004. 3 months ago by employee of 7 years dropped me in the **** by leaving without notice. I panicked, but before hastily employing someone else I bought a basic WFP kit to tide me over. Safe to say after 3 months of...
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