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reverse osmosis

  1. A

    RO system flow rates and efficency improvments

    Hello Guys, I just joined the forum at the suggestion of a RO systems supplier I have been pestering to get your opinion on an improvement to RO system efficiency and water flow rates. I have a relatively cheap simple idea that will get the RO filters running at or above there quoted flowrates...
  2. A

    Is it possible to mount an RO vertically?

    Evening all. I will be refitting my van in the spring and was wondering if it was OK to mount the RO vertically?  I'm trying to grab every inch of space as I have too much gear and not enough space... cheers guys
  3. P

    RO System Stopped Working

    Hello there, I wonder if anyone can help? I have been using a 300GPD Sureflow filterplus (pumped) RO system for the past 5 years when I started my business. However I went to fill up my tank today and the RO unit isn't even coming on, not even making a noise. . Have checked the fuse in the...
  4. Squeegee Dan

    What flow restrict or should I have???

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my ro to a 300gpd system by adding another membrane to the unit. And wanted to know of I need to change the flow restrictor. My pressure is around 4.5bar and tds before the unit is around 50-60. Oh ... and there is a 550 flow restrict or on there at the moment...
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