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Found 8 results

  1. I've had my 4040 RO for 12 months now. Got it from Doug at Daqua who I can't rate highly enough. I've always been good at changing my filters as per the recommendations, flushing regularly etc etc. The unit is kept away from frost and I like to think well looked after. The issue I always had was it was running at 40psi and would only ever give a 91-92% rejection rate. After much deliberation I decided to invest in a booster pump. Bought from X-Line and double checked it would be sent wired and ready to go. It arrived all ready and I can't rate it highly enough. I'm now getting between 70-90psi and a 96% rejection rate so the pump will pay for itself. Link and pictures below incase it's useful to anyone else in the future. Thanks @spruce and @Tuffers for your help with this. https://www.xline-systems.co.uk/en/xline-shop-2/wfp-controllers-pumps/240v-booster-pump-with-electronic-shutoff-detail
  2. Larry joly

    Ro membrane change

    Hi lads Im desperate for any help with changing my ro membrane over. Everything went fine,more or less,until i tried to place the end cap back on with the new membrane inside. The video i watched was good and at the end said use a club hammer to get the cap back on tightly. I hammered the cap and it went in,but not enough to be able to put the white ring clip in place. I have hammered the **** out of it, still no more progress that i can tell. I dont want to damage the casing, its already been dented up with the hammering I've done...so i dont know what else to do. The slot in the case where the white clip slides into is showing,but its not showing enough to fit the clip and seal the case. Please help...
  3. I bought a 4040 RO with a HF5 membrane a few months back. My tap pressure reads approx 50psi. The RO is in the garage at the front of my house and the tap is at the back. I’ve run 15 meters of hose to the RO. Originally I had a hose reel and couldn’t get past 35PSI, once the reel was removed the actual hose gives me just over 40 PSI. This is measuring just after the prefilters and before the membrane. Once I set it to 55/45 I’m running anywhere between 30 & 35 PSI. when I bought it I had a TDS of 175-210 and got an output of 9-12. This rose over the summer & fluctuated between 210 & 420. This wasn’t too bad as I would just wait for the TDS to drop back to 210 and get 12 out but recently it’s been consistently between 350 and 410 and I’m struggling to get below 30 output. I’ve checked and tested every part of the RO and been on the phone to Doug at Daqua and I’m confident it’s all set up well. I am assuming I’m getting such a shocking output because I’m running at 30-35PSI. im considering buying a booster pump, I reckon this will pay for itself in the resin saved. Does anyone have any other suggestions and can anyone recommend a good pump. I currently use a solenoid shut off, will this work with a booster pump?
  4. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Brand new Axeon HF4-4021 21” RO Membrane

    FOR SALE: Axeon HF4-4021 21” 80PSI 1000GPD RO membrane. Have a spare one, brand new in box, infinite shelf life, and happy to get it sent via courier to you for £190. PayPal payment for delivery or cash if you want to collect from OX25. More info
  5. Hello Guys, I just joined the forum at the suggestion of a RO systems supplier I have been pestering to get your opinion on an improvement to RO system efficiency and water flow rates. I have a relatively cheap simple idea that will get the RO filters running at or above there quoted flowrates and I wanted to know if this is something that would benefit you enough to want to pay anything for it ! Firstly a bit of introduction, I'm not a window cleaner, never will be, especially hate cleaning mine. I keep fish, fussy South American varieties that need very soft water so I was looking for a reverse osmosis system to reduce the hardness for the tanks, 245 litres of 2 ppm would be nice. While learning about setting the system up I saw that a RO system rejects about 4 litres to produce 1 litre of clean water. This didn't surprised me, I knew they were wasteful, but what I didn't know was that the efficiency and life of the membranes was linked to the inlet water conditions. Not just the water hardness, and contamination but the operating conditions, particularly water temperature. You probably all know this but I saw that RO systems are specified at an inlet temperature of 25°C and they cannot produce the claimed gallons per day figures unless they are actually at 25°C. The amount that temperature affect the output is the surprising thing. If you check the membrane manufacture's spec a 2500 gln/day filter at 10°C inlet temperature will only deliver 1310 gln/day. Our tap water struggles to get much above that even in the summer, in winter the water temperatures can easily fall to 5°C and the 2500 gln/day filter output falls to 875 gln/day, this is only 0.58 bleeding litres per minute! Good news though, there is also an upside, if the inlet is above 25°C they exceed the rated figure and the membranes work better and cleaner. They can happily run at 35°C and a 2500 gln system will then produce 3500 gln/day so the system doesn't need to be as big, the filters last longer or you get to pump it higher. Either way 875 to 3500 is quite a big difference. Heating the tank is the obvious answer but 200 to 1000 litres of water from cold takes a hell of a lot of heat and time to get to 35°C even a 150,000Btu central heating combi boiler would take one and a half hours to get there. Clearly this doesn't work especially when you are mobile. Now the suggestion, I'm absolutely not selling anything! I just have an idea how this can be done and I want to know if it is worth developing it. So for a 2500 gln system - If you have a generator on the van that could supply 3kW would you be able to use a system that came up to the full 2500 gln flowrate from a full tank of 5°C water in about 20 minutes (and would work while it was getting there)? Smaller RO systems wouldn't need as much power so the generator could be scaled down to suit, but the tank size in fact wouldn't make much difference. Is flow rate an issue for you, would this be enough of an advantage to interest you? Should I bu@@er off and never darken your doorstep again? Regards, Andy the Minion
  6. Firstly, sincere apologies, I'm sure this has been posted several times but I can't find what I need by searching. So i need to move to RO because DI vessels are costing me a fortune. I don't really understand how an RO system works or the particulars of the set up. I've just checked I get approx 15 litres a minute from the tap i'll be using. I checked last week and it was similar. I have space to store a 1000 litre tank (2 if required) My TDS is between 145 and 175 regularly I am considering the 40/40 version of this; https://www.windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk/facelift-zero-ro-systems/action/null/ Am I wasting money with this or is it the easiest way of doing it? It seems to be a simple plug in and use system. I spoke to a young lad who started up in Birmingham who went for cheaper system and he ended up struggling to make 250 litres over 2 days. I want this system to last for the next few years and be future proof and able to be used for more than one van etc eventually (I need to walk before I can run of course)
  8. I've just moved house but before I moved I thought I needed new RO membranes as I was only getting 12ppm product water with 40psi tap pressure. At the new house the mains pressure is 51psi and I'm now getting 1ppm! I knew extra pressure helped but not that much!
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