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roof cleaning

  1. A

    First roof job.

    Right I've taken on my first roof job, it's a dorma bungalow so not to bad. The front is ok not too steep to walk on so that's easy. The back is steeper so will be done using ladders & cat ladder. I've just purchased a harness, can anyone recommend anything else. What do you use from the harness...
  2. Williams Jet Wash

    tower scaffold

    SUPER DIY 5.2m (inc 2 Outriggers) - Loyal SDIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower / Towers | eBay Does anyon have any advice on buying tower scaffold i'd like it solid safe and about 5 metres high i suppose for a normal sized house.. what scaffold do you have? any images? any links to reccomendations...
  3. Phildeeney

    Removing Moss from bungalow roof.

    I've been asked by one of my customers to remove the Moss from their parent bungalow roof and not sure what to charge as it is my first one. He just want the Moss scraped off can anyone help? I've been looking round at typical quotes and are saying between £3-400, but not sure whether I would...
  4. P

    algae / moss removal

    Hi guys what is best to use on roof tiles to remove algae/moss . ?
  5. Aquajetexteriorcleaning

    Roof ladder

    what size do you guys use for your average house
  6. Williams Jet Wash

    Soft wash machine?

    i have a spare Honda gx390 washer sat in storage I don't use it often as its set up to take water from tap not from butt. Is it possible to set this up as a purpose built soft wash machine as in set it up with a chemical Inlet to take say hypo from a drum that will not run through pump? What do...
  7. steve hawing

    Roof cleaning

    I am looking at adding this to my list of services due to being asked about a dozen times if I do it, so been researching on the chemiclas and methods and was just looking to see what the rest of you who offer this service how you do it? Im thinknig a cherry picker is the way to get the height...
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