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  1. scottish cleaning service

    Recommendations on what pole to buy?

    Need a wfp to clean pvc on FGS and got my eye on the clx, slx or the extreme. I think it might need to be stronger than for just cleaning glass. Any ideas or experience most welcome. cheers m :1f44d:
  2. D

    Gardiner SLX or CLX?

    Torn between the two.  Quite a difference in price, but even on the CLX27 the weight difference isn't that great - just 130g heavier than the SLX27 (1800g as against 1670g). Any views, please?  I've already been convinced to go for better quality and upgrade to pure water!
  3. Marko067

    Busted an SLX Today

    Busted my SLX18 today. Totally my fault. I normally crack my gooseneck valve by hand before I start using it as it sticks when stored overnite. After that it's fine all day. Forgot to crack it this morning. First window of the day. Went to operate gooseneck valve with pole 3/4 extended and it...
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