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  1. J

    Sorbo Viper uk

    Any ideas on how to get sorbo equipment to the UK? I don't see that they have a UK supplier. I really want to try this... The VIPER 45 SÖRBO 3X4®ADJUSTABLE Wide-Body SQUEEGEES - 45 Degree and FIRM45 Rubber - Sörbo Products, Inc. I use liquidators for the most part but find the 18 inch...
  2. J

    Moving from Squeegee to George

    I'm moving from Squeegee to George, is there a simple way to transfer the data? Has anyone made a similar move? Any help appreciated 👍
  3. Teddington Window Cleaners

    Techniques for extra reach

    So a few weeks ago Trad-man made a post about using the swivel feature to get an extra inch or two of reach.  Reach is important, because if you reach too far you will fall over or fall whatever it is that you are stood. If you can extend your reach without compromising your safety then this...
  4. Teddington Window Cleaners

    Closing Off Technique

    Ive been cleaning windows since i was 16, i was never taught just given a squeegee, mop and scrim. the fanning technique as its called just seems natural and the cutting in is just common sense.  But the closing off I was alway told to close off on the left and not on the right . Was anyone...
  5. Teddington Window Cleaners

    Moerman Excelerator Squeegee 2.0 with Fli-q

    Just got my Moerman Excelerator Squeegee 2.0 with the Fl-q pad  in the post today form WCW.  I had been watching YouTubers like SteveO, Luke the window cleaner and the trad-man using this tool on a pole and it looked amazing! Took it out with me today and It is amazing!  Straight out of the...
  6. F

    squeegee apointment reminder sms

    hi, does anyone know if squeegees send my customers a reminder text before their clean, or do i have to do this manually? sorry am such a noob haha
  7. J

    Which Squeegee would be best?

    Just got a new job in the country, an old farmhouse, as you can see in the pictures. They are old sash and case windows with wooden frames. Really don't want to use my liqudator on these ones as it'll probably get chewed up. What would you guys recommend as the best squeegee for this type of job?
  8. J

    Using Squeegee

    Hi I'm looking to find a licenced window cleaner to take me on as I need a career change but I'm finding it difficult to find one in my area. i have went out and bought a Squeezee, bucket etc but I can't seem to master the blading/squeegee technique 100%, leaving a couple of streaks. Any ideas...
  9. BubbleGuy

    Corner to Corner technique

    From me to you. Check out the following techniques, plus more to come. Window cleaning is all about CONFIDENCE! With better technique comes increased confidence in yourself and your work. Divebombs Chatter Hangliding Closeouts Liquidator/Excelerator ...to name a few :happy: [/media]
  10. BubbleGuy

    Straight Pulls

  11. B

    Traditional method equipment

    Hi guys After the replies and advice from my first post, I have decided to go ahead and get in a bit of practise on before I look for a trainee window cleaning job. So what equipment does a commercial window cleaner have in their arsenal? Like scrims, cloths, wet or dry? I'll buy an...
  12. Chimeara

    1st Day using Liquidator

    Hmmm well i have worked all day cleaning approx 40 semi's Using Moerman liquidator with Razr red facelift rubber. One min it seems great then for no apparent reason it leaves fine lines on the glass. If i use the rubber in a standard unger channel the are no problems at all. I have been using...
  13. Craig Carr

    Struggling with liquidator wagtail combo

    I purchased a wagtail and fitted it with a liquidator 14 inch channel and razr rubber I also have a standard hamdle with a 10 inch liquidator channel with the black rubber it came with. When using the wagtail combo, i just cant get it to work. Constantly leaving streaks or water in the middle...
  14. Craig Carr

    Wagtail hard rubber

    Hi. Ive just purcchased some wagtail red hard rubber. Does anyone know if this will work in colder climates(scotland)? I read plenty of good reviews on it but couldnt find it in the soft version. Ive just purchased a wagtail pivot and sone liquidator channels. Any advice would be great. Thanks
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