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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all I am looking to add on a window cleaning service as an addition to our current domestic and commercial cleaning business. A few of our customers have asked for the service, which me being naive thought the usual cliche of "window cleaning would not be worth the hassle VS the return on investment". Well all i can say after spending the weekend on and off this forum is how wrong could i be. We would be looking to initially add WFP using the gardiner backpack and poles with the aim of providing our customers with the add on during their cleaning service, eventually (HOPEFULLY) building up rounds and having the window cleaning as a sort of separate entity with a full van setup. A reason for me posting (before we setup) is the "this is my patch" and pro green i have seen you video on the matter (among alot of your other videos *great work*) and you say it does not exist anymore. Well our business is based in south wales, SWANSEA, and having spoke to friends and family about the idea the first thing that comes up is "So So has a patch around here and he does not mess about" Now i know the advise would be patches do not exist any more and any problems let the old bill know, but i would be interested to see if there are any members from Swansea on this forum that could advise on * do they find there is enough work, in and around Swansea to even consider the long term goal of getting a van setup or am i just better off sticking with the initial idea of servicing our current domestic and commercial cleaning customers. * have they run into the "my patch" on their rounds. I will add that our main goal for the business is to be a one stop shop for customers who want all aspects of their property cleaned, But the i do like the idea of eventually having the window cleaning as a separate entity. Any advise would be much appreciated Regards Craig
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