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Found 1 result

  1. So I had my first larger job with the stingray today, and thought I'd give it my first impressions of ups and downs. Joys: As fast as regular cleaning, but without the drying up, so saves time. I did this customer twice as fast as when trad cleaning. No drips on paperwork or computers (did an office). No need for lugging a lot of tools and bucket around. Used less than a pouch of soap for 1.5 hours work. Woes: At first glance the results look perfect. But take the flashlight on your cellphone to the window and you'll see a slight trace of the microfiber pad when dried. Could someone with a stingray try this out and see it it's my technique? It's especially visible on internal glass when you clean both sides. I mostly used the short pole only, but you need to use two hands on it to apply enough pressure, so when rotating the tool around I sometimes hit the button on the head, dispensing more soap than needed. Technique I used: Hold the pad on window and dispense soap while moving around to wet it. Do a single stripe of soap on the window then move around the corners and then the middle to carry the dust and soap with you, much like you would a squeegee. Everybody says to use only a little soap, so I had to use more than I thought.

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