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  1. J

    TDS coming out of RO

    HI all I bought a new 450gpd RO/DI system which is temporarily set up until I make a permanent place for water purification (I have to set up and put away when not in use). when I connect water mains to the RO I always open the flush tap for a couple of mins before closing and putting pure water...
  2. Master Jedi Alejandro

    New Microbore Hose Contaminating Water

    Hello all. TL;DR Brand new hose reel is contaminating water and I don't know why. Need help! Got a weird one. I brought 100mm of Microbore hose from WCW (https://www.windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk/microbore-hose-100m.html) for use in my new van setup. However, it's contaminating my water and...
  3. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Highest PPM you use

    Having one of those days today; ladder blew over and left me stranded on a roof and last couple of jobs have left spots behind and have needed redoing which got me thinking about PPM. I've read anything up to 010 is fine for window cleaning and Unger recommend I change my resin once it reaches...
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