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Found 3 results

  1. Hi ive decided on buy a slx from gardiner at min my work is all traditional but moving over , not sure on size would i be better getting the 25 and taking a section or 2 out mainly just 2 story work but have some windows over conservatories what i dont do at min , also ive been recomended to get the quick loq gooseneck , but what about the brush , jets and other conector and hose , whats best to get as i say a complete noob , ive read about the univalve for saving water , and ive been told a 450gpd r/o system with a di water reading around 288 , and a trolley from pure freedom the nano was recommended . Going to get a 1000ltr container to store the water in garage then some drums for the van . Is there anything else i need and any other suggestions , cheers
  2. So I've been a traditional windowcleaner for over 15 years with my dad. He's getting close to retiring so I'm looking more and more into WFP and trolley systems. I've read a lot about them, but with so many to choose from and so many extensions and extras, ive got no idea where to start. Complete novice who's still working out what a DI vessel is. The round is all residential, very compact work with about 700 houses every 6 weeks. I have a little bit of money saved in preparation and I'm also so willing to buy a van but need some pointers. Is there some sort of course to learn about WFP or is it all on job experience. Need to move with the times. Must be able to use it as a one man band though. Any help massively appreciated.
  3. Hi I put together a trolley system using an old sack barrow, a water genie backpack, a hose reel from Wilko, and the other bits I got from Gardiners. Thanks to Adams 0211 and daveyboy1 for the pictures about their homemade trolley systems. The hose, fitments and everything else I got from Gardiners is top quality. I just find the control valve that I bought very hard to use and hold the pole at the same time. I end up leaving it on the floor more often than not which isn't in easy reach Is it easier if the valve is duck taped to the pole or should I get an Aquatap / Aquastop fitting. They sound much easier to use. Are they easy to fit to the pole?
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