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trolley system

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    Buying a wfp trolley system advice for fittings etc

    Hi ive decided on buy a slx from gardiner at min my work is all traditional but moving over , not sure on size would i be better getting the 25 and taking a section or 2 out mainly just 2 story work but have some windows over conservatories what i dont do at min , also ive been recomended to get...
  2. C

    Looking to get into WFP. No idea where to start.

    So I've been a traditional windowcleaner for over 15 years with my dad. He's getting close to retiring so I'm looking more and more into WFP and trolley systems.  I've read a lot about them, but with so many to choose from and so many extensions and extras, ive got no idea where to start...
  3. G

    Alternative to a control valve on a trolley system

    Hi I put together a trolley system using an old sack barrow, a water genie backpack, a hose reel from Wilko, and the other bits I got from Gardiners. Thanks to Adams 0211 and daveyboy1 for the pictures about their homemade trolley systems. The hose, fitments and everything else I got from...
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