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  1. Kevin Jacob Galea

    Bucket or trolley: which is better for a shop run? (& why)

    Hi everyone, I have a shop run of about 190 shops. Some window cleaners swear by using a trolley, other window cleaners hate them. I'd like to hear the advice of window cleaners also doing shop runs on how they organise to carry their gear around when they're on the job. Do you carry a...
  2. OnlyMe

    Back Pack/Pole & Trolley. WFP

    Hello all ?? After doing some number crunching. I can’t really afford to get a van / van set up straight away. Which is a shame. Unless I put myself in some debt - but again one step at a time. (Considering this as it’s a new start) Can anyone recommend a first WFP back pack/ trolley/pole to...
  3. OnlyMe

    A new adventure, a New beginning, A New start

    Hi Everyone ?? I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I’ve got a huge interest in window cleaning but haven’t had the b#### to go ahead YET! ?? great forum!! Im sick and tired of my job (long hours, **** pay etc) I really would like to work for myself and start up a successful...
  4. G

    Newbie needing some guidance.

    Alright chaps, I'm wishing to start a small window cleaning business (at first), I plan to use a water fed system either backpack or trolley setup. The majority of the work I look to secure is going to be 2 story residential properties in the Blackpool and Wyre areas (give me the heads up if...
  5. Marko067

    Fitting a Relay to Trolley

    I have just fitted a 40amp relay to protect the microswitch in my pump pressure switch after burning out two in less than six months. My question to those of you who are better aquainted with electrics than mhs is; is it better to use the normally closed micro switch (in the pressure switch)...
  6. B

    I have made my first pure....on to the next step.. Advice needed....

    Hi guys, Thanks to the advice on here, today I set up the two DI's from Daqua and boom have got 50 litres of pure water reading 001 and 0.   Now I need advice on trolley/backpack/poles etc.    I intend to only clean upstairs wfp, at first 30 - 60 customers will make the switch with more...
  7. C

    Car (Toyota) advice for poles and traditional

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. So I have worked with a friend for over a year now doing the traditional way. Now I'm feeling ready to go my own way. At the moment, I have a lease with Toyota, I own the aygo. This car is not appropriate for window cleaning (poles or...
  8. R

    Ro/di units

    Hi all, I've been traditional cleaning for about a year now and recently I've been looking at building my own wfp trolley, seen some good tutorials on here. My question is to do with the Ro and Di units, I understand how they work and what they are for but I'm having some confusion with where I...
  9. N

    water purification tablets

    Im thinking of getting a trolley can you use purification tablets to clear the water thanks
  10. Gary63

    New DIY water fed pole trolley

    My second DIY trolley copied from Mark Munro.
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