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Found 2 results

  1. I'm switching out my pole hose and want a good hose for the univalve with a tubeless setup. As it will only be inside the pole, flexibility doesn't matter. Was thinking the Gardiner's orange PU hot water hose. Question is what size barb do I want on the hosetail barb to fit it? I don't want to use O rings if I can avoid it. The id of the hose is 5.5mm. The Barbs come in 5mm and 6mm. Which is best? Thanks
  2. I've converted my poles to a tubeless setup today and fitted univalves. Very happy with the results. Although Exceed innovations do a enclosure that allows you to disconnect, I've found a quick free method you can use. For the pole: As you can see on the picture I have a male rectus 21 type connector with a washer on it. The first pole section needs to be a couple of inches shorter than the rest of the sections. The washer needs to be just the right size to fit inside section 2 but too big to go through section 1. The washer sits on the end of the shortened section 1 which prevents the connector moving down the pole but also keeps it centralised. I used a M6 plastic washer and reduced the outer diameter to the correct size (you can't buy them the correct size) by sliding it on a bolt, tighten it with a nut, put the bolt in a drill and spinning it while using a file on it. I also fitted a univalve and put PTFE tape over the o'ring lugs to prevent them damaging the inside of the pole. For the hose: Simply cut a piece of garden hose about 4"-5" long, cut it lengthwise until 3/4" from the end and trim it off. Using hot water to help, slide the hose over the sliding part of the rectus female coupler. I used pvc tape to wrap round the end to increase the diameter so it is perfectly centralised. To connect the hose, push it in and 'click'! To disconnect the hose pull on the peice of hose coming out the bottom. Turning it on and off still works fine with the univalve by pulling the hose. Simples! Edit: One thing I didn't mention, after it is set up, you need to put a screw thread hose clip on the top of the tube where it comes out of the top of the pole to stop it pulling in when you pull the univalve. A screw one because you need to be able to remove it as thats the only way to access the internal tube, connectors, univalve etc.
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