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  1. K

    Leaky o-clips on a univalve

    Hello everyone... Noob here with a question about o-clips. I have a Univalve fitted and have squeezed some o-clips to make it a secure fit but one of them still allows a dribble of water to come out. Any help in how to squeeze that last little bit or another product that would help.  Thanks
  2. Skxawng

    Best hose and barb size for univalve

    I'm switching out my pole hose and want a good hose for the univalve with a tubeless setup. As it will only be inside the pole, flexibility doesn't matter. Was thinking the Gardiner's orange PU hot water hose.  Question is what size barb do I want on the hosetail barb to fit it? I don't want to...
  3. Skxawng

    Easy cheap way to do tubeless setup

    I've converted my poles to a tubeless setup today and fitted univalves. Very happy with the results.  Although Exceed innovations do a enclosure that allows you to disconnect, I've found a quick free method you can use. For the pole: As you can see on the picture I have a male rectus 21 type...
  4. Marko067

    Extreme 22 and Gooseneck Valve

    Well, I got my Extreme 22 to replace my broken SLX18 and worked with it for the first time today. I tried it with the Gooseneck valve at first as this was my preferred method of control on the SLX 18. However, I only got through 2 hours work and knew it wasn't going to work for me on the...
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