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  1. Very well established window cleaning round in south east London. Can earn up to £4000 (estimated, maybe more) a month with all work located in walking distance of eash other. Traditional window cleaning preferred but can use pole system if that is what you use on a daily basis. 80% of work weekly 10% fortnightly and 10% monthly. (Estimated) Mainly invoiced on monthly basis but around 15% of jobs will be paid weekly in cash. All commercial properties. 90% ground floor jobs. This round has been started from scratch 30+ years ago. Businesses come and go but windows will always need cleaning. With a good work ethic and daily up keep of round this could be a great opportunity for regular work and good pay for another 30+ years. 2 people could complete round with ease working 7 hours a day 4 days a week. Or one person doing a full 45 + hour week but would need help with occasional first or second floors depending on what system you use. Would be willing to show you around the whole round introducing you to all my well established customers. I'm asking for sensible offers on price.. this kind of round does not come around every day of the week. Can walk the entire round in less than 10mins (estimate) please contact me for exact info
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