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  1. Teddington Window Cleaners

    We are Mobile!!

    So i have now upgraded from my bicycle to a van!  Vauxhall Combo 1.2 Diesel  107000 mile on the clock  Its in super condition ?
  2. Matthew Punter

    New van and system setup

    Hi - I’ve always had fairly old vans and am getting bit fed up of the constant repair bills and I’m wandering whether it actually worth getting a brand new van and system and pay monthly - has anyone purchased a brand new van and system - any suggestions of good deals for medium sized vans...
  3. OnlyMe

    Back Pack/Pole & Trolley. WFP

    Hello all ?? After doing some number crunching. I can’t really afford to get a van / van set up straight away. Which is a shame. Unless I put myself in some debt - but again one step at a time. (Considering this as it’s a new start) Can anyone recommend a first WFP back pack/ trolley/pole to...
  4. david mcwhirter

    which van should i get?

    witch small van can i carry 400 ltr tank in, and which is cheaper insurance?
  5. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Van Waterproofing, Rubber Mats

    Hello all. Just picked up my first van. About to kit it out but stuck at how to waterproof it. Was going to Fiberglass it but then someone has told me about this rubber matting you cut to size and glue/nail down. Has anyone got experience with it? Thanks, Alexandros. 
  6. B

    Window Cleaning Van for Sale - Renault Master 2006

    Hi, We are selling our old work horse - Renault Master 2006 diesel. This van is equipped with window cleaning tank so is ideal for someone who need an equipped vehicle for cleaning jobs. The MOT has expired so need a new one. The van in general is in good working order - just need some small...
  7. Skxawng

    Best used van for wfp

    Hi, I'm switching vans later this year. Thought I'd ask for recommendations for a £3000 budget. Looking for something that can handle pulling 600l daily, most importantly I'm trying to figure out which is likely to be the most reliable and easy to repair. Thinking towards the lines of vw t4 at...
  8. Neilmnwc

    Vans, the good, and the not so.

    Hi all, Thought ask some opinions about vans, from the amount of folk on here there's enough experience to help (I think). What's been your best and worst van and why. I'm using a Peugeot Partner 1.9d (06) which is reliable, really slow, but I can earn money with it. So for now I'm happy with...
  9. StorminNorman

    Van insurance ripoff in Ireland (ROI)

    So I just found a van that would perfectly suit my needs at the moment. Tiny little 2008 Renault Kangoo - green and absolutely spotless! Love it, but insurance companies dont.. They ask me for a whopping 1200€ a year to get it insured. I have 6+years of no claims bonus and never lost a point...
  10. Paul Jones

    Nissan Interstar mwb high top

    PRICE:£3300 DESCRIPTION: 2005 Nissan Interstar 2.5, 103000 on clock MOT September. Good condition.   SALE INCLUDES Diesel hot water heater (Facelift) fitted Sept 2014 - great for getting green mold off frames or conservatory roofs as well as letting you work in colder temperatures...
  11. sambo

    Time for a new van - small and new or big and old?

    The time has come to retire the piece of sh!t that is my van - it rains inside when it rains outside, there's a funny noise coming from the front, both the wing mirrors are falling off, one sliding door is permanently locked and the other permanently unlocked and now some little **** has put a...
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