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water fed pole

  1. jamienewbie88

    Round for sale nottingham

    80 houses for sale in nottingham 1k worth of work 4/8 weekly. Est 2.5 yrs Cash/online some go cardless All pay within 36hrs of clean ive always stated that grace period and if any forget a quick text and its in the bank. Rather be honest than just say decent payers. Price 5k Send me a...
  2. S

    Are these RO Membranes Shot? Opinions please?

    Hi all. Can I just say, since I set up a set up a system in my van purifying my own water, moving away from the trolley system, this forum has been an invaluable source of advice. So, attached is a photo of the two membranes from my 2nd hand Merlin RO system. I’ve ordered two new ones. I’ve...
  3. S

    My first van set up. Thoughts??

    Hi all. I’ve attached a photo of my van setup. It’s my first van mounted system. Im purifying the water in the van. I’d appreciate any feedback or thoughts from you all, as you are more experienced than me. It consists of 250 litre tank, Merlin RO (behind tank), 11 litre DI, Booster pump...
  4. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Titan 30ft Pole Raffle for dementia

    The lads at The Cleaning Warehouse home of the Water Genie range sent me an email last night to enter their prize draw for a Titan 30ft Carbon Pole.  Having used this it's a pole I'd be happy to own.  They are raffling it off with a just giving page to raise money for dementia something many of...
  5. Squeaky Clean Dave

    New Enigma Vs Vision II

    Hi all. I’ve been using Vision 2 for about 18 months now but for the last month or so I’ve changed to Enigma with surprising results. Hope you find this interesting. 
  6. T

    Gardiner slx Wanted water fed pole equipment

    Hello everyone I'm looking to purchase a second hand Gardiner slx anywhere from 25-35 ft. I'm located in Hampshire and willing to collect or pay for postage. Thanks all.
  7. C

    Looking to get into WFP. No idea where to start.

    So I've been a traditional windowcleaner for over 15 years with my dad. He's getting close to retiring so I'm looking more and more into WFP and trolley systems.  I've read a lot about them, but with so many to choose from and so many extensions and extras, ive got no idea where to start...
  8. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    WFP Explainer video for customers

    This is a basic video explainer I did back in the summer to help customers perhaps understand the benefits of WFP and the differences between WFP and Trad window cleaning.   It has worked really well for me on my facebook page and if you want to share it on your pages as an explainer for your...
  9. T

    Rain Water Harvesting Advice Please Help!

    Hello everyone, I have recently decided to add window cleaning to my already existing cleaning buisness! I live in a hard water area and as I'm just starting out I haven't invested in a RO system! Instead I'm collecting rainwater to filter through a di tank fitted in my van. My problem is I...
  10. J

    Hose and reel for L200 Pickup

    Hi guys, I've been working out the back of my surprisingly reliable L200 Warrior for about 3 years now and have recently put a 280L baffled tank in the pickup bed. Notably, this has taken up significant space, but I am comfortably able to store my pump box, separate battery, wfp, hose & reel...
  11. C

    BRAND NEW NTECH hybrid carbon/glass fibre HXTEL part carbon water fed pole 24ft

    BRAND NEW NTECH hybrid carbon/glass fibre NTECH HXTEL part carbon water fed pole   £175.00 ono 24 FOOT reach 27 foot WATER FED POLE NEVER BEEN USED. The NTECH range of poles have proven to be the industry's number one choice for quality, NTech is the latest development in the Streamline XTEL...
  12. R

    Key Fob Remote

    I've just started using the water fed pole on my window cleaning round and was wondering if anyone has tried adding a key fob remote to turn the pump on and off? Was it easy to add?
  13. sllab

    Window cleaning pole for softwashing

    I have got a couple of quotes out for softwashing some 9m high painted houses. I currently have a 22ft pole that isn't up to the job and was thinking about a Gardiner SLX 39 with a benz nozzle to give me a bit of extra should something even larger come along. Apart from washing down the pole...
  14. Liamh2only

    Pressure switch keeps burning out

    Hi guys. So my pressure switch keeps burning out on my shurflo pump. What could be causing this problem? and how can I prevent it? Help would be much appreciated. Liam
  15. H

    WFP soft washing - First post

    First time posting in the forum and just starting to look into soft washing. I see WFP's being a great piece of equipment for soft washing and to start i was thinking of using one with a backpack sprayer, as i don't want to invest a ton of money in a big system then find it isn't for me. Go...
  16. J

    Scraper for gardiner pole?

    Hey guys, so ive just bought a "Super-Scraper" from gardiner, the type 1 for plastic goosenecks, I noticed it doesn't work well getting things like paint specks and really anything worse than bird ****, has anyone used the type 2 for carbon/aluminium goosenecks and is that good for getting paint...
  17. T

    Best RO setup

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into making my own water again, i'm now on a water meter so just need some advise on whats the most cost effective setup. TDS reading: 300-350 Yearly usage of pure: 50,000lts Water pressure: unknown Water production rate: at least 900lts in 24 hours. any help...
  18. C


    I'm investing in a wfp system and would like an answer in regards to some people iv heard of who use tanks outside to sort out the water purification and then pump it into the van tank why is that and do you still use resin as I assumed the actual system did that all in the van after filling the...
  19. Paul Jones

    Nissan Interstar mwb high top

    PRICE:£3300 DESCRIPTION: 2005 Nissan Interstar 2.5, 103000 on clock MOT September. Good condition.   SALE INCLUDES Diesel hot water heater (Facelift) fitted Sept 2014 - great for getting green mold off frames or conservatory roofs as well as letting you work in colder temperatures...
  20. Dan Jones

    Window Cleaner Trailer System - Water fed pole system

    PRICE: £1600 ONO DESCRIPTION: This trailer system which the window cleaner will pull with his car or van will clean for around six to eight hours before needing refilling. The water tank has a 400 litre water capacity. Just hook up to your car or van and away you go. Trailer system comes...
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