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  1. mupps

    Maybe a daft question, but.......

    I bought my first ova8 water fed pole last week along with a backpack and the Unger Hydropower Ultra. I just wanted to know how you look after the brush head (keeping the bristles clean etc). May sound like a daft question, but I guess that the brush will pick up all kinds of nasty stuff of...
  2. Neilmnwc

    Pump or battery problem?

    Hi, I'm currently using a 110ah lead acid wet cell leisure battery, but I'm finding I can get about a day at a push before the water pressure drops and eventually stops. I've had the battery checked (it was bought in Jan 16) a couple of months ago which was fine, I've changed to Manual pump...
  3. J

    Land Rover Defender 110 wfp setups !!

    Im in the process of selling my van and hopefully getting a Land rover defender 110 long wheel base for my wfp setup. I would LOVE to see some pics of setups please !! Thanks
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