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  1. E

    Website Building

    Evening all!!! Looking at putting a website together but not sure where to build it. I have heard WIX are okay, some say Wordpress is the way to go. How have you guys done yours ? 
  2. Lewis Cleaning Co.

    Feedback on my new website

    Hi all, My last post was removed as the mods thought i was trying to sell something...i am looking for feedback on my new website, if you see anything that you think the site is missing or could lose i would appreciate your help! I'll post a screenshot and if you need the website link please...
  3. R

    Look over my website? Any glaring mistakes?

    I had a website built by a friend and it looks pretty good. He found a theme online and put it up real quick. I know some of the words are there are from the theme he bought online. Wondering if you guys could give it a look over and tell me what you think...
  4. Newport Window Washing

    How did you get your website going?

    Just curious did you build your website yourself or hire someone?
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