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wfp van system

  1. L

    Ford Transit Connect 06 T220 H2 L2 WFP 500L GrippaTank

    Selling my very reliable WFP window cleaning van due to needing a two man system and bigger van as my wife and dog come to work with me. For more details and pictures please see my Gumtree...
  2. Bforest

    Looking for a van and system

    Hello. Looking to find a good deal on a full setup - van,system,poles,reel etc. Preferably two man machine.  Budget - 3000£. Nationwide but if closer to london is better. Thanks
  3. C

    van system still

    Still looking to buy a van system. I am to tight to pay for the likes of a grippa tank setup and have basically narrowed it down to the below. (unless someone knows of other options for the same price). https://www.thecleaningwarehouse.co.uk/build-your-own-di-waterfed-pole-kit-2276-p.asp Comes...
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