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Found 52 results

  1. Hi all. Can I just say, since I set up a set up a system in my van purifying my own water, moving away from the trolley system, this forum has been an invaluable source of advice. So, attached is a photo of the two membranes from my 2nd hand Merlin RO system. I’ve ordered two new ones. I’ve never seen a used membrane before, do these two look shot???? They are producing 280ppm from mains to 45ppm. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi folks, I'll apologise in advance for a lengthy post but I think this might make an interesting discussion. I'm a newbie just starting my business and am currently looking at options for kitting my van out (2014 vivaro sbw) I want to build a decent window round but have the ability to take on power washing jobs out of the same van. I'm sure there are many schools of thought on this but I have been throwing around a few ideas and would love to hear your ideas. To start with I'm up north so my TDS from the tap is around 40 and I'll be going for a twin 27ltr DI setup for purification, however I'm unsure if it's possible to place the DI's after the tank in my van which I'll mention later??? Anyway here is what I'm thinking. option1 A single 1000ltr tank filled from the tap, two outputs.....one feeding the power washer and one going to the DI's then then the pole. With regards to pumps here I'm not sure if I'd need a pump before the DI's and a pump after. option 2 Two 500ltr tanks independent of eachother one for the washer and one for the pure. This is probably the obvious way to go but I'm on a bit of a budget haha option 3 one 650ltr tank and a 350ltr tank. The 650 with two outputs...one feeding the washer and one going to the DI's then to the 350 then to the pole. I think this setup would be interesting as I could just open a valve to fill my 350 as needed but still have a big tank that I can fill straight from the tap for the washer. Any thoughts you have on this would be appreciated, as I said earlier I'm a noob so I'm not even sure some of this stuff is possible ie. Filtering water as working etc.. I just want to be as diverse as I can to try and get off to a good start and get cash flowing.
  3. Hey guys, just wondering if there is a way to clean windows with WFP on windows in direct sunlight without spots. Just cleaned my own windows today when it was really sunny and one side of our house cathes all the sun in the afternoon, but left spots when they dried, just checked the TDS of my water and was at 000, just wondered if there was a way to avoid this happening? many thanks
  4. Hello, anyone got any tips on removing hard water stains? And paint, I guess for paint you'd use a scraper, magic sponge or bronze wool)? As for hard water stains I have noooo idea. Would this be something you would look to remove during a first clean? Or give the customer an option and ask if they want it removed? Some might not be bothered about it being removed. If they do I guess you price this according for the time it takes to remove? Its difficult to see these imperfections from ground level when using the pole on upper floors. Advice would be much appreciated as got a customers with paint and small hard water stains all over the place. Original windows on a listed house, all cut ups as well.
  5. Hey, so i have come on to this forum and found very helpful answers in the past but thought it was time i actually join properly all the more so as i have a question that i need a bit of expertise in solving. so my varistream controller kept cutting out and i just thought it was my battery as when i first started out i did abuse the leisure battery a bit before i learned more about how to look after them. So recently i bought a numax leisure battery but first day using, the varistream cut out and showed the dreaded U symbol. i was able to switch off and on again (a long tried and tested solution) and it came back on long enough to finish the job so i believe it is highly unlikely a brand new leisure battery that was recommended on here is the problem so my question is this: what do you think the problem is? maybe a weak wire connection or blown fuse or is it just a fail safe that if im overloading the pump with too much build up in pressure with the univalve in use that it cuts out as a protective measure? any help would be greatly appreciated also i wanted to @spruce as i have seen that you are often the man to ask thanks
  6. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Titan 30ft Pole Raffle for dementia

    The lads at The Cleaning Warehouse home of the Water Genie range sent me an email last night to enter their prize draw for a Titan 30ft Carbon Pole. Having used this it's a pole I'd be happy to own. They are raffling it off with a just giving page to raise money for dementia something many of us are more than familiar with. My mother was a nurse in a dementia care home for over 20 years before retirement. My wife did 6 years as a care assistant in a care home for dementia and most personally my Grandmother, someone that has know me for 46 years now does not recognize me at all. She made it to 95 but now does not recognize a single member of the family. Us windies are know for talking up how well the rounds are going so lets see you share some of that love and fortune, even if it's only a £5 it all helps lads but I hope you'll step up and dig deep. The pole is just a bonus you may get for doing the right thing. Here's the details.
  7. WWW

    Round For Sale in Manchester

    I bought part of a well-established round - 5+ years - from a friend and then grew my customer base over the course of the last 15-16 months or so. Between April 2018 to March 2019 inclusive, the average revenue has been £1,775 per calendar month. For me, that is about three days’ work per week on average, giving me time to pursue other interests. The average job price is £13 with 82% of customers on a six week cycle. 52% pay by cash, 22% by bank transfer, 19% by GoCardless, the remainder by PayPal (with one solitary customer paying by cheque). All the work is organised using Google Sheets. So, to support the sale I have prepared a spreadsheet and a couple of google maps showing the revenue by postcode for April 2018 to March 2019 and my current customers by postcode. The spreadsheet also lists the customers added in the last year. Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Vqkd0FjX7MaMb0B0jXrjFfc8aSDv-kZ8czqplvH5OM/edit?usp=sharing Revenue By Postcode 2018-04 to 2019-03 (Created 2019-04-20): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rP5dFqQ3x_sfIL19juaHBvvJ5ykiJLAn&usp=sharing Current Customers By Postcode (Created 2019-04-20) https://drive.google.com/open?id=144Oe2ibIP822neOATPi7YhmyBf5IAjy0&usp=sharing I’m selling the round due to a relocation to London. I’m asking 4x revenue, or £7,100.
  8. ClearReflectionAlex

    A bit of hose reel advice

    Hi guys. New here. I have a WFP system with Gardiner pole. Tank, pump, resin in the van etc. My question is what hose you guys run on your reels? My pole is light but my hose is heavy, i want the lightest hose I can get but is still durable eg dragging around and getting run over by cars when its across the street. Seen some 6mm code red microbore? Yey or nay? Also will having a thinner hose affect pressure? Im guessing not. Thanks
  9. Craigmac

    IBC tank advice

    Been offered a 1000 litre IBC tank that was used to store that vaping juice for £25.00 tank is immaculate. Tank will be used as storage and not put into my van. question being how would i clean it out? would it just be the case of filling and flushing with water, or would i need an additive (possibly counter productive).
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice on a leak I've found in my van system. I bought the van and system second hand (all already installed by pure freedom when I purchased the van). I started up around 6 weeks ago, prior to starting out I took a trip over to Pure freedom to be shown my way around the system, whilst there pre filters, ro membrane and resin was all changed. Each time after filling recently I have noticed a build up of water in the van so tonight i took some time to source the leak. It appears to be coming from the pre filters at the top. I did also notice just over a week ago that one of the pre filters was hissing from button which sits at the top (not sure if this is linked to the leak, i pressed the button until all air was out and the hissing stopped) this happened towards the back end of the cold weather we have had. Can anyone give advice on what this could be, apologies if its a common question but I couldnt find a similar topic on the forum. Hoping its a cheap fix Thanks in advance guys Jon
  11. Hi ive decided on buy a slx from gardiner at min my work is all traditional but moving over , not sure on size would i be better getting the 25 and taking a section or 2 out mainly just 2 story work but have some windows over conservatories what i dont do at min , also ive been recomended to get the quick loq gooseneck , but what about the brush , jets and other conector and hose , whats best to get as i say a complete noob , ive read about the univalve for saving water , and ive been told a 450gpd r/o system with a di water reading around 288 , and a trolley from pure freedom the nano was recommended . Going to get a 1000ltr container to store the water in garage then some drums for the van . Is there anything else i need and any other suggestions , cheers
  12. I decided to make a shorter one off video as the other thread I did with three separate videos was a bit jumbled so hopefully this one makes a bit more sense.
  13. Your Real Name: Allan The Location You're In: Surrey How Long You Have Been Cleaning: 5 months Brief intro about yourself: Started window cleaning with a friend but we went our separate ways a few months back and I have been enjoying the hot weather and slowly building my round. Hope to contribute to this forum and I have had a look around and some great topics. I hope to double my round in the next six months it's a struggle at times but nothing comes easy. I started with WFP but I have found myself going back to traditional cleaning but the WFP is great at getting the grime off on a first clean. It's just my preference. I also do cleaning offices etc. All my best Allan
  14. AnMadraRua

    WFP and some trad equipment.

    Gardiner SLX30 with 6mm hose, section 2 replaced last year. Tucker Brush. 2 x no name brushes Wyredale 350L tank and frame, only ever had pure in it. Metal reel with about 90m of 8mm hose, a few repairs made to it as it leaks a bit. Unger Ninja bucket on a belt with 10" squeegee and mop. 2 x 11L Unger buckets. Surflo pump Cleaning warehouse analog controller. 100ah leisure battery. Everything you need to get going. Offers, will split.
  15. So I'm now running almost 100% WFP for my upstairs work - bar flat roofs etc but that means I'm now using about 6L of resin a week with my Unger HiFlo DI filter (1 replacement bag a week - it's giving me about 450-500L of pure water per change) I've been browsing online but am a little confused by installing an RO filter at home - obviously will save me £110 a month on resin but I'm confused how it 'works' without a van?... How do you hook it up? Does it have to be plumbed into your main water? I'm only renting so I don't want to start building it up under the sink. What I would ideally like (if it's even possible) is to be able to just run an EZ snap or hozelock from my kitchen tap into the RO filter then back out the other end into the DI filter when I need to fill up my barrels and then unplug and put it back in the cupboard when I'm done. Guess the burning question is, can I do this?? Or am I stuck just smashing through the Unger bags until I can build up a water butt and plumb it into the mains water?
  16. What is the worst price job u have done? Or worse quote from a customer? Made me think other day as remembered customer asked me to quote for glass roof porch I said call it £5 she oh no thought it would be 50p!!!! I just laughed
  17. scottish cleaning service

    Keep snapping fan jets

    Only got my SLX pole 3 weeks and I have managed to snap 4 fan jets when cleaning fsg. Is there any metal jets that can be fitted? Thanks m
  18. Hi Everyone I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I’ve got a huge interest in window cleaning but haven’t had the b#### to go ahead YET! great forum!! Im sick and tired of my job (long hours, **** pay etc) I really would like to work for myself and start up a successful window cleaning company. I’m 35 years old and I want another Crack at the whip, currently my salary is 27k. It sounds like a very rewarding business, and love the fact that nearly everyone on this site as a passion for their business. Obviously you get your chancers in the game, but I would like to go with the professional approach what I have been reading on here, ie) logo, business cards, leaflets, uniform, sign writing van, marketing campaigns etc (sounds like I am being ambitious, but to work for yourself and earn proper money, you have to I guess) There is so much valuable information on here and it’s like a back bone for the professionals. Ideally I would like to get into the WFP side of things. As I think me and the ladders just won’t get on, and by the sounds of it, it’s the future for the window cleaning industry? I have bought some trad gear already, ie) bucket, 12” squeege , applicator, micros, clothes, & scraper. I have been practising on my windows and watching you tube videos. (Wagga) - I take it this is a good learning curve Would anyone be able to help me out with a few of these questions? WFP - to start, would you recommend a trolley (pure freedom) or a back pack? How many houses would 25l containers do? Roughly Can I purchase the water rather than making this -seems complicated? (Will have to read up on this a bit more) When canvassing for work, and you get the nod to clean their windows, when would you do their first clean? That day/next day? How do you manage the round? With new customers etc. Because obviously starting out around my full time job ideally you would want to do the new customers the same day? Company name? Thoughts. something that’s quirky, or stick to something like JB WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES? what works best? Don’t want to run before I can walk, and jump in the deep end - but a van? It will be quite daunting competing with other window cleaners in the local area and I’m a newbie. Would that put new potential customers off? Should I buy second hand WFP gear to start (budget wise) or go straight in. What kind of budget would you say for leaflets, website, business cards, WFP etc. Currently got 1k left over from a loan as a starting point. I’ve got 100s of questions and I’m sure il bombard you with them and go through the forum looking for answers. Ps. Hopefully you don’t bombard me with “another new window, here we go” Thanks all. Why as this come out so big? @Gav
  19. Hi all I am looking to add on a window cleaning service as an addition to our current domestic and commercial cleaning business. A few of our customers have asked for the service, which me being naive thought the usual cliche of "window cleaning would not be worth the hassle VS the return on investment". Well all i can say after spending the weekend on and off this forum is how wrong could i be. We would be looking to initially add WFP using the gardiner backpack and poles with the aim of providing our customers with the add on during their cleaning service, eventually (HOPEFULLY) building up rounds and having the window cleaning as a sort of separate entity with a full van setup. A reason for me posting (before we setup) is the "this is my patch" and pro green i have seen you video on the matter (among alot of your other videos *great work*) and you say it does not exist anymore. Well our business is based in south wales, SWANSEA, and having spoke to friends and family about the idea the first thing that comes up is "So So has a patch around here and he does not mess about" Now i know the advise would be patches do not exist any more and any problems let the old bill know, but i would be interested to see if there are any members from Swansea on this forum that could advise on * do they find there is enough work, in and around Swansea to even consider the long term goal of getting a van setup or am i just better off sticking with the initial idea of servicing our current domestic and commercial cleaning customers. * have they run into the "my patch" on their rounds. I will add that our main goal for the business is to be a one stop shop for customers who want all aspects of their property cleaned, But the i do like the idea of eventually having the window cleaning as a separate entity. Any advise would be much appreciated Regards Craig
  20. scottish cleaning service

    Are Univalves temperamental?

    My new one is driving me nuts, comes on and doesn't seem to go off. Turn the shutoff valve off and on and the univalve goes off. Works a few times and then stays on. Didn't work to well before I fitted it, its a light blue one. Any experience welcome.
  21. Another of my oldie videos I took down a while back during a revamp and just remembered to repost. Hope it's helpful to someone.
  22. AnMadraRua

    350 litre tank and frame.

    350 litre tank and frame. Only ever had pure in it. Merseyside area. Offers.
  23. Excellent window cleaning WFP (nothing traditional) work for sale in Oxfordshire, - location: radius of 7 miles from Banbury and 2 villages near Cirencester (3 days every 8 weeks) -tot value round 4K -average income 2k every 4 weeks -average work 2-3 days a week -selling price £14k open to offers ***the work is very excellent, established for a year, only well pay customers, giving a high quality work and good customer service I have a very good relationship with them. ***Change over will be done meeting each customer in person together and with a letter of recommending you to each customer, there is the possibility of working all round together. please contact me on 07808128116 only if you are serious about making an offer and need more details.
  24. Hi All, After getting advice and confirmation from you guys in the replies to my introduction email, I went ahead today and ordered myself an SLX 25 and a V3 backpack to stop all the running hoses through the customers houses etc. Will let you know how I get on. Can anyone point me in the right Direction for a nice little lightweight trolley for it, space is limited in my van so the smaller the better. Thanks for all the help guys :-)
  25. Alright chaps, I'm wishing to start a small window cleaning business (at first), I plan to use a water fed system either backpack or trolley setup. The majority of the work I look to secure is going to be 2 story residential properties in the Blackpool and Wyre areas (give me the heads up if this is any of your patch and I can work around your areas). I'm trying to get a concise kit list and business needs before starting, so my thoughts are: - LTD company and bank account - Public liability insurance - Risk assessment - Logo uniform - Equipment - Carbon telescopic pole (25ft Gardiner SLX), Ultimate sill brush, 20 m of hose (which quick release connectors do you recommend), 150 GPD RODI unit at home into an IBC container, sump pump & 25l container for pure water top up for the backpack/trolley. Can you think of any other equipment essentials? Didn't want to jump straight into a van system without proving I could get the custom first. The bit I'm stuck on is marketing, what have the public found most interest in which converted to customers? Are there an tips on closing a sale? Any tips at all are appreciated! Cheers Greg
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