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Cleaning Method

when did you start window cleaning?

Found 22 results

  1. Using squeegee

    Hi. I have found someone who is willing to take me on as a trainee, how long on average does it take to learn how to use a squeegee? The company is aware that I basicallly have no experience. I've tried for the past couple of days on my own house windows to master the "s" method, thanks to youtube, but I always leave some watermarks down the side, or the occasional streak because of the rubber blade hitting the window edge. I'm worried that I won't get the hang of it once I start working for this company, its way harder than it looks, it's so frustrating!! Thanks Brice
  2. Hello everyone, I have recently decided to add window cleaning to my already existing cleaning buisness! I live in a hard water area and as I'm just starting out I haven't invested in a RO system! Instead I'm collecting rainwater to filter through a di tank fitted in my van. My problem is I have rigged up my downpipe into an Ibc with a mesh filter at the end of the spout but there is still some amount of sediment in the ibc! I don't want to damage my pump or di tank so how can I pre filter this water before I pump it into the on board tank in my van? Im going to be using a sump pump for transfer or the rain water. I'm looking for any advice from people with more experience in rain water harvesting! Any advice will be appreciated, Thanks.
  3. After writing new service new pages with longer, optimised content and other SEO measures for Reach for the glass he is now page 1 for all services in 3 targetted areas of London. They are extremely affluent areas and therefore highly competitive in terms of website ranking. Desktop search results after indexing of 1st draught as follows: Results listed are for locations 1, 2, 3 in order of priority window cleaning - 10th, 12th, 8th conservatory cleaning - 7th & 8th (2 listings on 1st page for location 1), 7th , 1st conservatory roof cleaning - 4th & 5th (both for location1), 8th , 4th fascias soffits cleaning - 1st , 7th & 8th (location 2), 4th exterior cleaning - 1st & 2nd (location 1), 9th & 10th (location 2), 4th , 5th & 6th (3 separate listing on 1st page for location 3) Put another way , for 15 separate searches i.e. service + location = 5 services + 3 locations 14 out of 15 are page 1 3 are 1st 4 services have multiple listings on Google 1st page Now a little more work to get them even higher
  4. Welcome to driveway cleaning companies My name is Andy and i am the owner of driveway cleaning companies. Little bit about me: I have been involved with internet marketing for the past 7 years, mostly seo and web design (still learning) I am 41 years old and run 2 other successful websites here in the UK. I have a young daughter and partner. So what is driveway cleaning companies? Basically its a directory of external cleaning services. If you offer any type of these services, driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, conservatory cleaning. etc,. I will also be optimising listings for your target area, so if you offer diveway cleaning services in london, i will be optimising your listing for that keyword. I currently have a small team working on the SEO side of things and marketing. You can add up to 20 service areas in your account. (how far you want to travel for work) Please also ask your customers to leave a review on your listing, this will help a great deal with your listing. Click Here to Sign Up I am also open to suggestions to improve the site, and if you need any advice on online marketing etc please don't hesitate.
  5. Getting Paid - How to & Options

    One of the biggest banes of this game is getting paid (quite often) A big thing that is over looked when it comes to collections is that it actually COSTS YOU MONEY to get paid. I will be 100% honest, when I get a sizable bill through the door I deal with it, when I get a bill for a few quid I think 'I'll sort that later' So I can't really whinge at clients for thinking the same. Now before I go on, this is all based on information I have gathered in phone calls to Paypal, GoCardless and my bank manager at Santander. There is no right way or wrong way to go about getting paid and which ever options you choose for you are entirely your choice and only you can decide what works right for you. Lets begin with getting paid in cash: Plus side: It's cash Negative side: If your client is not home and has not left it out for you then you will need to spend time and fuel to return later to collect the cash. Some time back we calculated that collections was actually costing us 20% of our business in fuel and hourly rates for lads collecting. Cheques - A bit outdated but still valid: Plus side: If the customer has no cash they can still pay you on the spot. (Or post it to you should they not be home on the day) Negative side: You will have to make a trip to the bank to pay it in and await cleared funds. Paypal (This is a 3 part option) so let's start at the begging: Paypal Online (through phone tablet or PC) Plus side: Instant funds Negative side: The charge for this is currently 3.4% PLUS 20p. Lets use a £15 payment as example :- 3.4% of £15 is 0.51p and then there is the 0.20p charge on top - total to Paypal 0.71p per transaction leaving you £14.29p PAYPAL HERE: Using paypal here and just keying in the card details on your smart phone or taking payments over the phone the comissions are the same as online methods. IMO - That 0.71p is a lot less than it would cost you to return later to collect the cash. IMPORTANT NOTE -- I am writing this with a regard to the fact that you use Paypal in the spirit it is intended, we all know that if the customer sends payment as 'Gift' or 'Friends and Family' then you don't get hit on the commission - HOWEVER - I personally would not put a note on any receipt asking a customer to help me avoid fees as that speaks volumes about the sort of person you're coming across as. Paypal Here: - Using Chip and Pin Card reader Plus side: You can take on the spot payments. Negative side: You need them home to use the card reader. Commision is 2.75% (there is no 20p charge on top) Example :- A £15 payment. 2,75% of £15 is 0.42p (0.4125p but they will round up) So after 42p cost cost to Paypal you are left with £14.58 Paypal will reduce your percentage to a flat 1.4% across the board should you choose do over £6000 per month business through your paypal account. GoCardless: This is a method we are favoring as it does automate much of our administration. Plus side: Pretty hassle free and payment pretty promptly - Also less likely a customer will cancel on a whim. Negative side: Like Paypal there is a commission to pay. GoCardless is just 1% commission per transaction HOWEVER there is a minimum charge of 20p but at the other end of the scale there is a maximum charge of £200. Example of a £15 Payment - At 1% the charge would be 0.15p but due to the minimum charge it is actually 20p (1.39%) Moving the example up however to say a £30 payment the fee is only 1% so hence 0.30p The new minimum does not screw you that badly unless you are doing lots of £5 & £6 jobs. The maximum charge of £2 in nice if you have a good SFG with a conny perhaps at £250 that means you collect £248 and it only cost you £2 to get your money in. Admittedly the only clients that are likely to pay large jobs on GoCardless are the existing clients you have set up already on a regular clean. B.A.C.S. Plus side: Straight into your bank. - No commission Negative side: Relying on customers to press a few buttons on their phone, PAYM: Plus side: Straight into your bank. - No commission Negative side: Relying on customers to press a few buttons on their phone, We have also investigated Android Pay but at present you need an app (as in your own app) to collect this way) A note on banks - you can use a personal account all you like that's up to you. We use a business account with Santander and pay a monthly standing charge of £7.50 for the first £1000 of cash paid in and then 50p per £100 there after. You will if starting out be amazed at how much it actually costs you just to walk out of the door in the morning. No do please note that this post is correct at date of publication and is for your general information purposes only, it is not telling you any right or wrong way to collect your money, just to help inform you of some options out there. A MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: When it comes to getting paid IT'S YOUR MONEY, YOU EARNED IT - Never be embarrassed or afraid to ask for it, I hope some of you find some useful information in this.
  6. Hello there been doing it for some years now but started new business on own lately I enjoy cleaning gutters etc but do anyone find window cleaning customers very annoying as a cancellation can just occur from no where it's like you gain 3 lose 2 type of thing it's weird I'm just wondering your view on this
  7. PRICE: £5000 DESCRIPTION: window cleaning round in prime Surrey location, been going a year, most houses range from 25-30£. Approximately £3000 every two months LOCATION: Surrey - bookham, Fetcham, Cobham, Leatherhead PICTURES:
  8. Hi. Just bought a new citron dispatch 07 and I am wondering where to fit my 500 ltr tank I only had it fitted a few months ago but my van got written off thurs it's a big tank which needs bolting to the floor and don't know how to drill the holes ?? Any ideas thanks
  9. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum, I'm looking for a recommended canvasser to build up my existing rounds, can anybody recommend a decent company? Cheers
  10. From me to you. Check out the following techniques, plus more to come. Window cleaning is all about CONFIDENCE! With better technique comes increased confidence in yourself and your work. Divebombs Chatter Hangliding Closeouts Liquidator/Excelerator ...to name a few :happy: [media] [/media]
  11. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. So I have worked with a friend for over a year now doing the traditional way. Now I'm feeling ready to go my own way. At the moment, I have a lease with Toyota, I own the aygo. This car is not appropriate for window cleaning (poles or traditional) because it is too small. So I am looking for advice on what Toyota car is the best for ladders and poles. (I can only stick with Toyota because I'm still in a lease agreement with them for another 2 years.) On top of this, regarding the poles, is it better to get the trolley or a big tank to put in the back? I really need a car rather than a van as not enough seats and as I'm just starting up on my own, I can't afford anything too costly. So to sum up, I need a Toyota car that I can fit ladders too legally as well as a big enough boot (potentially back seats that fold completely flat) to fit either a large tank, or the trolley with 6 (?) tanks of water. So with all that, the car has to be able to handle the weight. As an extra question, there's lots of brands for the equipment for traditional (unger etc), what is the top of the range brand I can invest in?
  12. RO Unit

  13. Hi there I have a small window cleaning business around the Greater Manchester area that has been going for over three years using both water fed pole and the traditional method. I am looking to expand my business in the South Manchester area - anywhere in the Macclesfield / Poynton / Buxton / Disley / Hazel Grove regions - and am hoping for between a £1,000 and £1,500 return each month. If anyone has anything slightly similar to this, I would be greatly appreciative if you got in touch by emailing 'annabel_gowrie@hotmail.com' with your details and I will get in touch. Thank you!
  14. Hi guys, Got this job today but it's far from my coverage area. Anyone close to Newark area, NG23. and willing to take it up- provide a quote? It's cleaning skylight panels. 5 panels on each side, so maximum 10 panels.
  15. Hi guys After the replies and advice from my first post, I have decided to go ahead and get in a bit of practise on before I look for a trainee window cleaning job. So what equipment does a commercial window cleaner have in their arsenal? Like scrims, cloths, wet or dry? I'll buy an applicator and squeegee online, I was thinking ettore. What size squeegee do you think to start off? Thanks Bricie
  16. PRICE: £15'450 DESCRIPTION: Small domestic round of 245 customers turning over £2575 per calandar month. Round is done in 10 days by one person. 8am till 2pm on average. WFP or trad it if you want to. Well established. No collections all cash on day or GoCardless and BACS. This round always has lots of extras such as gutter cleans, conservatory cleans etc. In the past two days alone I have done over £600 in odd jobs making the monthly typically closer to £3300 I will work along side the buyer for the first clean to ensure a smooth transition and show them the most efficient way to do the round. This is for sale, not rent or lease or buy now pay later. LOCATION: Nottingham NG3 NG4 NG5 PM me on here or call on 07581128101
  17. thank you

    Thought it was about time i gave everyone a massive thank you since joining ive found nothing but suport from you guys and girls on this site ive doubted myself and what i was doing and where i was going but with so much help advice and infomaion i have pushed passed all of this tighted up pricing and the way i work and things just keep getting better and better so thank you
  18. Discover everything you need to know about water fed pole window cleaning from Dirty Marks Cleaning Services. Tell me your experiences in the early days?
  19. Don't Christmas wreaths get in the way when cleaning front doors. The other day I also had to take down some Christmas lights to clean a gutter and fascia. Have you run into Christmas obstacles? Merry Christmas.... Mark
  20. Hi. Ive just purcchased some wagtail red hard rubber. Does anyone know if this will work in colder climates(scotland)? I read plenty of good reviews on it but couldnt find it in the soft version. Ive just purchased a wagtail pivot and sone liquidator channels. Any advice would be great. Thanks