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100th anniversary of titanic


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Right. If you were on the ***anic how would you have tried to escape. Me I would have ripped off a door and sat on it and tried that way.



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hope it goes down well!

(hope that's not in bad taste, will remove if anyones offended, but it literally just came into my head)



If i could turn the conversation in a more serious direction!.

I heard an item on radio scotland today, about another maritime disaster 8 years before the ***anic, much closer to the uk, which i (and i dare say, many of you) had never heard of.

The 'SS Norge' left Norway bound for New York carrying mainly emigrants (probably why it is a 'forgotten' disaster, the ***anic had rich people on board as well as poor). The SS Norge was one of many cargo ships hastily converted to exploit the large number of people desperate to start a new life in the new world, and as such, was a pretty rudimentary form of transport with very basic accomodation and facilities. There were about 800 on board, including around 70 crew members (even though there were only enough lifeboat space for 200), and 240 children under 12 years old. She struck a reef close to 'Rockall' (which those with an interest in geography will probably know is the most westerly point of the british isles) on the morning of the 28th june 1904. The captain decided to reverse off the reef, the ship immediately started filling with water, and sank within about 20 minutes leaving a final death toll of 635. The 160 survivors (including the captain!) spent up to 8 days on the open sea in open boats with minimal provisions before being found. A maritime inquiry found no fault with the captain (despite the fact that he shouldnt have been anywhere near Rockall) and took no action against him, or the shipping company, which were making huge profits out of these trips (no surprise there then).

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