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An interesting opportunity


Well-known member
We have been given the opportunity to quote for gutter clearing on a large commercial premises, way beyond anything we have done before.

Main building is c50 metres long, metal roof with central gulley. Roof is strong enough to walk on but not rigged for harness.

Extended building is c30 metres with large plastic gutters, pretty normal.

Access all round is fairly good and not particularly high.

Any thoughts on pricing?

P.S we do have a vac.



Premium Member
How do you intend accessing it ?? If there is no safe man system then it’s going to be difficult to walk on the roof , unless you can walk in the gully but even then you need fall arrest attached to something, unless it could be done using a spider lift or cherry picker ?? Obviously this would add to the cost , sounds like the building is to long to do from a scaffold tower from each end ??? It’s difficult to advise without seeing what the job consists off . 

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