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Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Cleaning' started by Purus, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Purus

    Purus Guest

    Hi, I am a traditional window cleaner and want to try a wfp system, but wanted to try a backpack first, because of expense and just to try the system. Would a 18lt backpack be a good buy. It says it has a pump capable of pumping up to 60ft high. How many houses do you think I could clean with one tank full? It is £125.00 new, do you think this is a fair price?
  2. nearlyclean


    Dec 20, 2010
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    Have a look around on the other window cleaning supplier web sites and eBay that seems really good price for a backpack,18 l when you first start doing wfp will do about 12-15 windows or 1 1\2 3 bed semis but after a while you increase that or you could do the tops with the pole and bottoms trad .
  3. MathewL

    MathewL Guest

    The price is about right. In general the rate are between 110 - 140.
  4. Purus

    Purus Guest

    Thanks, I will have a look around again.
  5. ricoclay

    ricoclay Guest

    When I was looking to switch from Traditional to WFP, I looked at this option. You will find though that the pumps in those aren't that great. Also, it's a real pain trying to decant your water into the back-pack. If you are serious about changing, I would look at spending a little more and going for a trolley system.
    I bought a Bayersan trolley system from Bayersan UK. Paid around £450 for the trolley, 24ft pole and brush which I know is a lot more than the back-pack system, but definitely worth spending the extra money.
    All you need to get on top of that is some 25ltr vessels (ebay or a motor factors).
    I currently run with 10 of these in my estate car, plus the trolley system and that is usually enough for 2-3 days work.
    Hope this helps
  6. A backpack is ok....not great for regular use though in my experience but good for those odd jobs. Plus have you considered how you will source pure water?? is there someone that you can buy it off of or are you going to invest in a filtration system?

    Trolley system is a more bulky way of doing it buy you have more water and its more portable.

    Try going out with a R&W window cleaner in your area and have a go and see how you get on.

    Any questions about filtration kits/poles/tanks/hose or anything, drop me an email or give me a call, happy to chat.