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badly trained staff


Well-known member
took a lad on, who said he had been a wc for 2 years, but the bloke he was working for had cut back the hours as he had lost a load of work,

F useless, he either takes too long on houses or forgets to do the frames, he has even done the wrong houses a few times, or he will do the front then pack up, as forgot to do the back, he will struggle doing a window rather that step back or move to a better spot, he is for ever holding the pole in the wrong place, ie not at bottom of pole so can move pole, but half way up the last section, which means he hits the pole on the floor every second

rant over



Yeh get rid you don't want to be getting a bad rep over somebody who obviously lied about his experience


mr shine

Well-known member
i have to agree with paulrods this lad will destroy your business fast so you got to act faster dump the liar



Well-known member
already have, just been annoying me, he was a good worker, but do you know when you get that feeling that he shouldnt be there and better off on own,

the most annoying thing he did was twist the poles when opening closing them, so not of the clips where in line, then whene trying to get pole back out of van, would catch on everything use to annoy the hell out of me



Thats a shame man, but also quite funny (sorry!).

I must say, that also pretty much perfectly illustrates why i have no desire to expand to the point where i would need to take someone on. Unless you train them from scratch, your chances of finding someone willing to work the way you work, to the standards you work to, are very slim indeed!. I just dont think i could be bothered myself!.

Good luck with finding someone else though! :)



Well-known member
My problem with taking someone on is I'd have to keep checking there work so may as well do it myself. It would bug me all day thinking did he/she do it right.

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