Being self employed and discipline/routine

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by adamangler, Jan 11, 2016.

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  1. adamangler

    adamangler Wakefield Window Warrior

    Dec 2, 2014
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    Not seen this talked about much before.

    Coming from being employed all my working life to making the leap to self employment it all seems a bit strange. No threat of getting sacked looming over your head to force you out of bed on a morning, no one stopping you going home at 3pm when youve finished windows.

    Yes i know there is the motivation of gaining new customers and earning more money but its easier to run away from something than it is to run towards something, maybe some people need the negative motivation rather than positive motivation.

    I kind of miss being told what to do, i quite miss the discipline of having to work whilst 5 even though most things have been done by 3.

    What made me think about this topic is that i slept in this morning, didnt get up whilst half ten, was bloody freezing this morning and i snoozed the alarm and didnt wake back up.

    No harm done, im on my way out after lunch i had decided to have a day leafletting anyway today as not a great deal of windows on this week, sods law that its probably the sunniest day outside ive seen for a month.

    Anyway just wondered if you self employed guys have a routine that you stick to or a certain target for the day or have a list of things you must get done before youll allow yourself to go home etc

    did anyone else find it strange at first?

    Ive decided going to write myself a schedule later of what i must get done every day and give myself some set hours to achieve it, think i need some discipline.

    I sometimes have this converstion with myself at the moment

    07:30 alarm clock goes off,
    me - hit snooze
    08:30 need to go out now
    me - ill have another cuppa first
    12:00 finished windows
    me - ok better do some leaflets then near where i live
    me - ill just nip home on my way past and have cuppa
    13:00 right leaflets then
    me - ok then
    me - 1 hour later, this is fecking **** lol, no ones gonna ring anyway
    me - ill go home and hit facebook for a couple of hours and advertise
    15:00 - after being on fb half hour the mind wanders to you tube
    16:00 still sat here, ill have my tea
    19:00 - bit more facebook- ah feck it ill try again tomorrow

    Ive realized im kind of half arsed at the minute, maybe its this awfull weather or maybe being self employed is going to take some getting used to.

    One thing i find really hard is starting late in the day, if not out the door by half 8-9 im pretty much done for the day, i prefer to start early and get done, cant understand these that can start after lunch time.

    Anyway i better go out and get some leaflets done! such a procrastinator...

  2. As you get busier, you have to crack on, or you'll get behind.

    I tried self employment in my early twenties and didn't have the self discipline.
    Started again at 32 and not found it problematic.
    Having to get up to deal with children is good for routine. Also when they're on holiday, it's good to get out of the house early (9ish).

    Also. If you want to work, do a full day. If you're undecided, just take the day off, don't procrastinate undecided. It's either a work day or it isn't.

    I'm stuck in the bank, waiting for a human.......
  3. Jacob

    Jacob Guest

    I am 10 months in and at first it is a massive responsibilyty to do everything and keep up and not just slack off.

    But i was determend to succuceed and hang on, no easy but now i see the benefit of it, only need 25% more work to be at capasity.

    i am at the point where i am annoyed if i dont have enough work wich leads me to leaflet.

    Routine wise i get up at 6.00 you get so mich more done if you get up earlier, see if custy have paid, do the books etc.
    I think routines are most important as self employed.
    Target wise i have a money target i want to hit every week, so i maybe only clean 4-5 hours a day, but i dont mind, i look at the big picture.

    Woops a bit long there :laugh:
  4. Damo

    Damo Grand Master

    Jul 1, 2015
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    How weird you should post this lol. Over xmas i have made a routine for work and my normal life. As i am getting older, i have noticed i need the help of technology and science (medicine)

    One thing that i have noticed with my "stream lining" is i am getting more me time.

    I started my time and motion idea on the 4th of January and its amazing how much time i am saving per day by changing stuff.

    I hit my target today at 2.45pm, normally i would stay on and start on the next days worksheet but i decided not to! it's Monday and i have worked hard(ish)

    I started 30mins later today and finished nearly an hour earlier all because of my brilliance :p
  5. Adams0211

    Adams0211 Guru

    Oct 9, 2014
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    I was employed from leaving school at sixteen until March last year when I went full time on the windows.

    I wouldn't say I'm the most motivated or disciplined person in the world but I've been motivated and disciplined enough to make it work. If i don't make it work, the rent doesn't get paid and the kids don't get fed. Simple as that really.

    I don't bother setting an alarm but I always get up at the same time as the wife and help get the kids ready for school and then I'm out the house before 9am. Sometimes earlier depending on what I've got on. If I sat around I'd never leave the house.
  6. daveyboy

    daveyboy Legend

    Jul 10, 2014
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    I have to be at my first job before 9am every day or i am not happy
    Worked all day from my car without getting the trolley out once
    Got my work done (21 jobs) by 15.30
    Would have had a nice easy end to the week but a job i did for Knebworth house estates has lead to another 8 of their properties..all in and out jobs which is my friday spoken for now
  7. Markyboy 50


    Nov 5, 2015
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    I only work 3 or 4 days a week. I like to get them done ASAP. Mon Tuesday wed. Then I can bugger about. The only thing to stop me working( when I was single) was a woman. Always happy to leave some windows for some fun :D That's my main weakness. Oh and I could never have a proper job!
  8. peter rogers

    peter rogers Grand Master

    Feb 24, 2015
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    do a rota up and stick to it adamangler get good waterprrof gear and u shudnt have a problem
  9. Taxlossloz

    Taxlossloz Grand Master

    Jul 11, 2014
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    I feel rubbish if I have not worked hard
    Today got up at 6 am did three costas
    Then two big detached windows
    Then jetwashed front roof tiles on a detached
    Then two detached Windows
    Then a large detached plus gutters
    Oh and his sons bungalow finished in dark - average day !
  10. simon

    simon Guru

    Jan 18, 2012
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    its a very good point adamangler, i'm on my 13 yr self employed & i struggle massively, i talk to customers too long & i have a day off at the drop of a hat or rain lol & i really wish i didn't, its one of my new year resolutions to do better.
    i work hard when i'm out but get distracted too easily, so ill be watching this thread for tips