Best speeding fine ever!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by Green Pro Clean Ltd, Jul 21, 2016.

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  1. Green Pro Clean Ltd


    Jan 20, 2015
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    So I scored 48 over 40 and as a reward got to pay £90 and go to class Wednesday morning.

    I had one of these a few years back, was 5 minutes late to the course and they didnt let me on, had to take the points and got a bump on my insurance renewal so this time I was going to be on time.

    In fact I was an hour early to ensure I can get a parking spot and a Costa Coffee.

    As I stroll up to the five star hotel where the course is to be held there are two fire engines with flashing blues and the bustle of a well tuned crew at work!!

    RESULT! Thinks me, class must be cancelled!!

    NO SUCH LUCK!! It's a sprinkler gone off in the kitchen due to an oven producing too much smoke with no food in it.

    So up to rock up to reception,

    Me: 'Hotel manager please'

    Reception: 'You are?'

    Me: 'Darren, Green Pro Clean Ltd, here about the incident with the ovens'

    Manager: 'Hi, How can I help?'

    Me: 'I see you have had an issue with your ovens this morning, we specialize in commercial kitchen cleans so if the fire department are done shall we take a look and see what we can do?'

    Manager: 'Who called you?'

    Me: 'No one, I'm here for the Speed Awareness course and saw what's going on'

    Manager: 'Well that's great, saves me having to run around'

    So to get on with the story, I quote up sorting the oven with an issue, then he asks for a full kitchen deep clean, and can I check the ducting and extraction unit.

    'No problem Mr Manager, I will check it all after the course'

    Emailed in a quotation this morning.

    4 cleans a year of the extractors on a 3 year contract and an annual deep kitchen cleaning on a 3 year contract. :))

    Called me up this afternoon and gave the go ahead asking when I can fit in the first cleans.


    I'm off tomorrow to hit as many speed cameras as I can! :))
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