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Ok, so I'm looking to get a contract that'll be much bigger than any I have at the moment.

It will most likely require at least 3.5 hours traditional non-ladder work each week, with 2 people on the job.

Probably once a month there'll be 2 people spending an entire 10-12hours on inside harness work(harnessing oneself inside the building then leaning out to clean a window).

I usually like to be on at a minimum 10pounds an hour.

Even for business I keep some prices as low as that, as to be honest, in this economy beggars cannot be choosers.

But this job will mean a regular work regardless of weather, which is a big bonus.

What is the lowest you'd ask per hour, no wfp work, 100% traditional method, no ladder work, one day a month harnessing.

If I add up the avg. hours per month I reckon it'll take which will be 50ish, then add 10 for lee-way, I get to 60 hours work.

As I say I can be happy myself earning £10 ph, if I'm able to just get on with it and theres no tricky work, and I can subcontract lads that will work for £8-9 per hour happily who I know get the job done.

How do you think I should work pricing out?

If I price per hour (for slight profit and lee-way) at £12 then x60hours I get £720 a month, £8,640 a year, which sounds decent if I'm only paying £270(30hours x£9) a month for help.

Would you price it up different?


Also ask away for info regarding the job if it would help you decide the way you price.

Thanks in advance.



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Tbh I think you are pricing it up just fine there. You could bump the price up a little bit more maybe imo & be carefull of sub-contracting lads in.

The best way I find is sitting down with the owner/CEO of the business and discussing it over a cup of tea etc, that way you can get your points accross about how your pricing it and you can explain to him/her further about the methods you use etc. You can also explain if you are safety qualified and all that.

Plus he can get any thoughts of his/her chest and you can answer them to put the mind at rest.




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i would'nt dream of pricing for less than 20 ph, one very good reason being that while it's true that a tenner an hour is decent pay in most areas, when self employed, we don't get holiday or sick pay and have to make it up.

if you have a couple of guys working for you, you might be able to still earn that by quoting 15 or so. but you're right, work is work and regular chunks take a lot of strain out of life.

i could go and quote them 30 ph and if i get it i'll sub it to you for 15 /emoticons/smile.png , if i did'nt get it, they'll snatch 20 out your hand!

seriously though, good luck with it



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good luck mate but your pricing far to low, on my cheapest houses £4, £5 & £6 i earn more than £10

also you must of paid out to learn harness work thats a maketable skil. i worked as a tree surgeon so i know & i doubt any one out there swings about off ropes for less than £30. having said that its what you happy with that counts



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I see each of you suggesting from bumping the price up a little to trying for £30 a hour.

I failed to mention I won't sub-contract it out to other lads, every time work is done their I'll be there, working alongside a lad I'll contract in.

I'll probably set an amount of £25 an hour and if/when I get to speak to the manager and have a look/walk round with him consider the hours again, and maybe shift focus to the fact we'll be doing our utmost to remain safe at all times, for our sake and for his staff and customers.

Thanks for the advice so far guys, I know I'll be speaking to the manager on Tuesday at the earliest, so any more tips/hints/advice in any way is appreciated.

Each of you so far has provided a different view, thanks again /emoticons/sad.png



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hmmmmm all good thoughts.

I'll have to speak to the manager, and I may even take a mate who has big jobs like this already.

He's helped me get a few of the jobs I have and has always helped an been good to me even though we've never worked together and we're compe***ors lol

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